Congratulations to HD and Husky

Tech Tree ran thin this week so I figured I'd give a brief update on the commentators mentioned in my digital sports commentary rights post.

This week's Along The Tech Tree ran a little thin so I figured I'd use my weekly Gamasutra post to congratulate HDstarcraft and HuskyStarcraft on their recent YouTube partnerships.  Husky's prior rejection was what inspired me to write my post on digital sports commentary rights.

The two commentators also finished uploading the HDH Invitational across their channels this week.  Some of the early matches might have fallen a little flat, but I enjoyed the tournament overall and hope to see more like it.


Meanwhile, an emotional nerd ode to Starcraft has led me to the 100+ episodes of Day[9]'s Day[9] Daily show.  Sean Plot uses his 11 years of competitive StarCraft knowledge to explain matches with common situations and then takes questions.  The show could probably benefit from a better video creation setup.  (Perhaps it's due to the live-streaming nature.)  However, the focus on education makes it worth the loss of a little flash.

Day[9] is currently looking for sponsors... and quite content to know that his stream had more viewers than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. ;)

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