Can we Filter, Maybe?

With the childish behavior of gamers in the online universe it's no wonder we (the gaming community) have such a hard time proving to the masses that we aren't a bunch of pimple popping teens wasting time eating Cheetos and sucking down Rockstar's and Dew

June 23, 2011

Can we filter, maybe?

My god! I just spent the last few hours playing in multi-player death matches in MW2 on the PS3 and I gotta tell ya... I had to turn my sound off! I mean its one thing to get pissed if you get ambushed or killed repeatedly by the same dude, but to flame and bitch talk while waiting for the loading screens? Really? I tell ya, With the new episode of Burn Notice on tonight I think I have to quote Bruce Campbell's character "Sam" and say those teenage pre-pubescent squeaky voice foul mouthed little kids are like a "Bunch of bitchy little girls".

F this and your momma that... I don't wanna listen to that shit while I'
m fleshing out my class, or waiting for the screen to load. It's just bull shit. I love a good rant or tyrade just like everyone else, but the trash talk I hear pumping though my system is neither a good rant, or worth my attention. Well, maybe worth enough of my attention for me to post on here.

I really wish future releases give you an option to mute out the chatter from the other players allowing you to remove their squeaky trailer/sailor voices from your game unless you want to hear what they might have to say. As an interface designer for the last 12+ years one of the first rules of thumb is to give the user options to mute sound. It's a no brainer! Lemme mute "Punk-AZ-Beatch69" when his candy ass starts talking about raping Stenvenson420's momma and sister. It's just ridiculous

The gaming community is working hard to bring their image up to a new level saying that violence in games are not a bad thing... however, I think perhaps the focus should be more on the MATURITY of the individuals on the networks. Dial it back man.. be understanding that not everyone in the world thinks your pansy ass dick jokes are fun to listen to. Sure... in game is a WHOLE OTHER STORY. Bring it.. trash talk is the shit DURING game play.... But, dial it back while in our holding patter Captain silver-tongue!

The last thing I want is to come off like a prude, or old, or just lame, but there is a time and a place... and that is neither the time, nor the place. Save it for the battlefield you goons. I don't want to hear a Micky Mouse voice squawking away at 122 db about how his cock would look awesome in your momma's throat...simply because he got fragged one too many times by you during game play. Hey Mickey - Shut the FUCK up!


Chad is an Adjunct Faculty member teaching video game design in Boston, MA. His school web site is He can be reached for comment there.


Yes. I know... I found the mute button. A small oversight on my part. Shame on me. (Hey "haters" - pound sand... like YOU never made a mistake.)

HOWEVER... It seems I am not alone in my cry for freedom from the childish banter that infects our audio channels via the multi-player universe. For those of you who subscribe to GameInformer Magazine from Game stop; Please take a look at and READ Andy's Letter from the editor in issue 220 titled "The Highest Court".

A small quote form that article that kinda sums up my feelings: "I often Refuse to play games online without friends due to the fact that the gamer community is so cruel and heartless. This truly makes me sad, as I expected more of gamers." - Andy McNamara, Editor-In-Chief, GameInformer magazine.

Now his article is more on the bashing of others as opposed to the profanity I speak of above, but I say they are the evil brothers of one another in the pitiful community we all face in the muli-player anonymity world.

I say RISE UP to the Ben Witt's of America and the world. (Again, referring to issue 220 of GI Mag - "A Grown Up Gamer" letter to the magazine via e-mail) Make you voice heard and be PROUD of what you broadcast. Set the tone for the new age of gamers and be a part of the society thet paves way to the new technology and media of our future. Gaming is the next movie industry and lets make it Hollywood... not Garbage Pail Kids. (Google it. They were ridiculous.)


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