BYOND Strategy Tech Tree #178 & #179

A BYOND update, a couple entries to the Casual guild's Imagination Competition and more became available in the last two weeks. Read on!

Happy birthday to my cousin Jennifer.  She turned 30 on Thursday...  I guess her present is that she gets her name posted in a column she doesn't read. ;)

Also, if you haven't started already, check out The Weekly Report that Paul Eres now offers on TIGSource.  It covers both notable indie releases and new games in production.  Me likey.

This edited version of Along The Tech Tree comes to you from BYOND Strategy, a guild run by unpaid volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Tech Tree focuses on recent developer activity.  For play suggestions, visit the guild.

Version 475.1080 of BYOND has been released.  Multiple fixes were included for the pager, development tools, server and game client. Meanwhile, the sound library was updated and options were added for handling file exports.  Check the release notes for the full set of changes and download from the site directly if you have problems updating through the pager.

"This is a pretty big release full of a lot of little fixes. We tried to go back and address as many bug reports as we could to allow us to keep up with the list better in the future." -Tom Hehre, Owner of BYOND

Metamorphman's hexWar is now listed in the guild.  It's an Ataxx variant where players must move or clone pieces to capture the most spaces on the board.  It's also his entry to BYOND Casual's Imagination Competition...  which ends today!

Vexonator has added what he hopes is a more robust customization system to the tactical fantasy Surreal Dreams.  He plans to add more features once the bugs are worked out.  Meanwhile, players are welcome to report bugs in his forum.

Ganing updated Seika SE.  It's a base defense game based on Iccusion Entertainment's featured RPG Teridal.  (It's so nice to be able to ask the original creators for permission when there's a fangame!)  Much of the code was rewritten, the interfaces changed and some graphical improvements were made.  Ganing has stated that this should be the final update aside from any necessary bug fixes.

Acebloke is planning to make political ideologies part of the mechanics in his military/economic simulation, Wargames.  A choice has been available for players at the start of the game, but it's only window dressing.  It will soon be replaced with a dynamic leadership spectrum ranging from monarch to president and committee to congress.  Expect a hint of the new system in the next update.

IainPeregrine has announced the dates of GiaD 2010.  Developers will be tasked with creating a game that will be started on Saturday, September 25th and finished on Sunday, September 26th.  One of the themes has been decided.  More are welcome.  Keep reading IainPeregrine's blog for more details.

Learning support program 12Comics is again looking for people to help create a trading card game.  Content will be based on the superheroes created by the program's students.  They get stronger depending on how well they do in school.

My entry to BYOND Casual's Imagination Competition can now be downloaded.  It's called Fused Finale.  It's a rhythm action game with a randomly generated sci-fi movie soundtrack.  You play as an AI terminal that scans travelers to set a warp gate for organic or synthetic transport.  More details are available on my blog.  I'll be continuing to update the project after the contest, but work should resume on my racing combat board game, StarScurrier.  For now, wish me luck so I can take Tiberath's money!

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

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