BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 155

Richard Simmons is the voice of Natal. And there's only one classic Easter movie.

I have to get up for a family gathering, but it's too hot to sleep.  I'll spare Gamasutra the rant I posted on April Fools.  Happy Easter to those who celebrate it...  Anyone else feel like watching Critters 2?

This edited version of Along The Tech Tree comes to you from BYOND Strategy, a guild run by unpaid volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Tech Tree focuses on recent developer activity.  For play suggestions, visit the guild.

I missed this last week, but Devourer Of Souls is pondering what direction to take Witches' Chess in.  Suggestions are being accepted.  Mainly, I'd like to see the bugs that its community has reported be fixed.  I'm not expecting a bunch of new additions.  I just want to solidify the game's place in the featured list. =)

EGUY made an effort to improve the interface of his tile-laying boardgame, Deus Rex, but it appears to have backfired.  Resizing the window can now result in controls being moved off the screen.  Details and pictures can be found in the game's discussion tab.  I'm going to hold off on adding Deus Rex to the featured list, but I imagine the problem is temporary.

Meanwhile, EGUY released an update to the demo for his RTS project, Templar.  He's still debating what direction he wants to take it in, but it looks like a niche BYOND could stand to have filled. =)

In a mere two progress reports, Acebloke has posted a boatload of fixes, changes and additions to his economic/military simulation, Wargames.  This is a game that was created towards the end of 2005 and still gets developer support.  I'm a newb, but I imagine the new units and medals will get the most interest.  The interface changes should be handy as well.

Vexonator updated his authorized version of Kunark's tactical fantasy, Surreal Dreams.  There are bug fixes, balance changes, a new unit and a "special secret bonus" in the Wastelands map.  Interface improvements are expected next.

Of course, I'm more thrilled by the fact that Vexonator now has access to the game's hub page.  This means it can go through BYOND's normal installation process and players will get automated update alerts.

It appears the learning support program 12 Comics is looking to pay a programmer who can help create a trading card game based on super heroes created by students.  Examples and a character database can be found on the student site.  Naturally, there's also comics that I'm trying to resist distracting myself with as I type. =)

Geldonyetich posted an interesting summary of the combat in Nexon's Mabinogi.  It's an MORPG, but he claims the system gets a lot of tactical sophistication out of 6 balanced options.  Meanwhile, the scripted pets are giving him ideas for his own projects.

Oh, and while trying to decide on a new setting for Project Shock, Geldonyetich revealed that his family is trying to kill him.

I posted a mock-up of the cards in my cardgame of tunnel mining, Grim Prospects.  Then I redesigned them so a few of the details are outdated.  I simplified the combat, simplified the card effects and removed a mechanic that led to a runaway leader problem.  The game seems more solid, but I'm wondering if there's too little card variation.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

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