BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 132

Screenshots were requested. Screenshots have been added.

There was a request in BYOND Strategy to start adding pictures to Tech Tree. I said I'd give it a shot on the Gamasutra version first. I think I'll let developers supply their own screenshots though.

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Those curious about notes or YouTube videos I've cut out can view the original version.

  • On the hub's discussion page, Tayoko quelled rumors that he is unwilling to to work with Vermolius and Guyst_X on the team's competative defense game, Efencea. I asked for clarification and was told:

    "I did stop working on efencea because I needed to make money, but it dosent mean I didn't enjoy working with verm for free." [sic]
    A new version of Efencea is possible, but the team is working on something else right now.
  • I think Acebloke already found his answer, but he was asking players for a time to test the latest version of his empire-building game, Wargames 2. The currently implemented changes in Beta D can be found here. The remaining changes can be found in Acebloke's forum along with the plans for the next beta.
    Wargames2 Map
  • Oasiscircle's defense game, Turtle Towers, has been updated. The new Versions forum will help myself and others keep track of the differences. This week, changes were made to wizard upgrades, wave 70, bosses, lieutenants, unit flags, and money. New enemies were also added. Oasiscircle is responding to feedback so feel free to leave some in the Turtle Towers forum.
    Turtle Towers Map
  • XodinBlood's god-worshiping game has been renamed Godship: Egyptian Majesties. The interface is now in a wider format and it appears cosmetic changes have been made to the map.
  • Masqurade submitted Useless to the guild this week, but I have no idea what it is. Apparently, players can earn a medal just for logging in. That's sad... I'm tempted to try it in my own projects.
    Don't ask me what this picture means.
  • Geldonyetich has not been making progress on his persistent RTS, Vehicle Wars. However, he was recently interviewed on the MMO blog, Grinding to Valhalla. BYOND isn't the focus, but it is mentioned. =)
  • The last version of the Sessions Guild died out when IainPeregrine became the first King of BYOND Strategy. However, he's bringing it back! The focus of the guild is on gathering players for games which are not persistent. In other words, the guild features alternatives to BYOND's glut of MORPGs.  (Although forming a party for a quick romp is also an option.) IainPeregrine's blog still has some changes to make, but give the guild a try if you've been looking for people to play with. =)
  • The audio in my abstract competitive dungeon crawl, GrimTunnel, is still suffering from my procrastination. However, I have come up with an unimplemented design change. I've probably been inspired by reviews of Incan Gold.
    Shop Phase Enter Phase Battle Phase

    I also finished designing the latest versions of the cards and stickers for my boardgame, Genetic Fork. Fortunately, I managed to avoid being tempted by the latest batch of pieces offered by The Game Crafter. The price reductions of some of the older pieces were a nice surprise though.

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