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BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 131

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.

I live like a hermit and the internet communities I take part in tend to be rather insular...  Is Facebook ever going to be more than a mass of Flash game requests from family members?

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Those curious about notes or YouTube videos I've cut out can view the original version.

  • As far as I know, nobody has complained about my robot-crashing game, Gears & Peers, being featured. This week, the game began accepting payments for lifetime subscriptions. Previously, players could only subscribe through my Fooldom Come passport.
  • Techgamer has been hosting his strategy RPG, Strategy and Subtlety, rather frequently so I added it to the guild. However, testing will soon be closed... so I removed it again. Either way, the game has been updated with equipment, interface changes, and bug fixes. Techgamer is still looking for teammates, including writers, if anyone is interested.
  • Polatrite updated his defense fangame, Pokemon Challenger, with a fix and some internal preparation for future changes. No banner guilds are featuring the project. I'm reluctant to open up the door to Pokemon fangames in general, but I may list Challenger if BYOND Anime and BYOND RPG settle on how they want to place them.
  • Oasiscircle updated his GiaD-winning defense game, Turtle Towers. The hub page discussion hints that he may have uploaded the wrong version last time. Meanwhile, IainPeregrine mentioned that he aided in the creation of a "1.5 players mode" where the first player can assign units to be controlled by spectators.
  • Lord Raven appears to have fixed a bug in his interpretation of Mafia which involved those killed last in prior games becoming observers during new games. The project's structure might be rewritten to remove more bugs if another update is released, but no promises are being made.
  • Geldonyetich is losing confidence and calling his persistent RTS, Vehicle Wars, "more of an artificial intelligent experiment" than a game. Worried that the game lacks enough choices for players, he may start over from scratch.
  • AZA announced that the Build A Space Game 2009 website is now online. Rules and entry criteria can be found on the site along with the entry form, prizes, forums, and project tools including optional SVN access.
  • I meant to add some sounds to my abstract dungeon crawl, GrimTunnel, this week, but I didn't get around to it. Instead, I've been working on my non-digital boardgame, Genetic Fork. The Game Crafter recently announced changes in their card/board prices along with the the availability of stickers for their full selection of token chips. By swapping my joystick pawns and rings out for labeled tokens, I managed to knock the cost of my game back down to roughly what it was with my old dice. I rewrote the rules to note the physical changes and I'm now redesigning the cards to take advantage of the unique backs the new cutting process allows.

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