BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 129

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.

I'm not a Nintendo fanatic. I loved my NES and had dozens of games, but I skipped over the 16-bit generation in favor of music equipment, thought the N64 had too few games, was discouraged by the same situation with the GameCube, and was amazed when Nintendo fans started to notice the shortage with the Wii.

That said, I still find this life-sized papercraft Link to be frelling awesome.

...Okay, maybe not enough to convince myself that fan creations are a better use of time than original properties, but still. ;)

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Those curious about notes or YouTube videos I've cut out can view the original version

  • School and an MORPG are slowing progress on Geldonyetich's RTS, Vehicle Wars. However, he's now focusing on the characters of the factions. He has the basic mechanics, but no frame of reference for fleshing them out.
  • Techgamer is hoping to attract a team with a demo of what he calls a strategy RPG. Some teaser shots were given. A test server has been up, down, and up again. It's called Strategy and Subtlety.

    I don't know enough about the game to label it as an RPG or simply a wargame where units are upgraded with experience. I think multiple BYOND developers seem to call tactical battles with maps "strategy RPGs" just because they first encountered them in Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem or Disgaea. I tend to call them wargames unless the upgrades are persistent across multiple sessions and perhaps involve, you know, roleplay.
  • KingCold999 is creating a fourth draft of an RTS. Perhaps it his Medieval Wars project, but I don't know if they're related.
  • AJX started a thread for game concepts in Dream Makers. His own offerings included boardgames called Legionnaires and Mage Battle Royale. Hopefully, he'll implement them.
  • Abra has wiped the Avalon Entertainment forums. He will no longer be supporting his BYOND games. He's currently working on a multiplayer turn-based strategy game in Flash that should be out by Christmas.
  • Registration is now open for AZA's Build A Space Game contest. An overview, prizes and entry criteria were previously posted. Contestants have 3 months to create a space-based game with a theme of either horror, asteroids or scavenging.
  • I updated my daemonic game of variable units, Flesh and Drone, with a fix so that servers will be listed on the hub. I then spent this week on various projects.
    • I released a fix for my card-battling boardgame, PathWrath 2.
    • I updated the banners for my territorial dispute game, Occupied Forces.
    • I lowered the prices on half of my games.
    • I edited the manual for my upcoming boardgame, Genetic Fork.
    • I added sounds for an upcoming version of my robot-crashing game, Gears & Peers.

    ...Plus, I changed the layout of my blog. Joy.

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