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BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 125

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.

I've been hard at work on my boardgame this week.  Unfortunately, I have no idea who is going to help test the thing.  On the bright side, all the prototype needs is some cover art... 'Cause, you know, it's so important to have semi-official pieces when the whole thing could be faked with scrap paper. *sigh*

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Those curious about notes or YouTube videos I've cut out can view the original version.

  • Unknown Person announced that his game of turn-based tactical fantasy, Ultimatum, now has a dedicated SliceHost server. The game has also been updated with bug fixes, interface changes, and a new map. More importantly, a new help file is on the way. MUHUHAHAHA!
  • Acebloke has updated his economic/military simulation, Wargames. The update appears to settle on fixes and changes that make the game run more smoothly. Three medals, including one for launching a small animal into space and back, were also added.
  • Mobius Evalon still doesn't have a permanent name for Board Game Chat, but he's making progress. This week, he worked on Backgammon and hinted that he is going to add Go.
  • Gamemakingdude's Urban Rivals-inspired card game is no longer on hold. (That was fast.) In fact, it has been restarted from scratch. The initial interface has been created and the fighting system is next. There might be a bare bones alpha in the near future.
  • Before offering some tips for aspiring developers, Geldonyetich posted another progress report for his persistent RTS, Vehicle Wars. Work was done on pathfinding, construction drones, turrets and more. A screenshot, "scaled to be a little uglier than the game actually is" is included.
  • I didn't get a lot done on my daemonic wargame, Flesh and Drone, this week. I did manage to write the help file and overall CSS for the browser controls though. There are still a few little details to handle, like making chosen spells display in the player list, but the game should be about ready for some playtesting... Assuming I don't discover some of the bugs on my own first.

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