BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 114

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and engine called BYOND.
I don't know why, but I got addicted watching NakaTeleeli play Bunny Must Die/Chelsea and the 7 Devils. It was detrimental to my BYOND work, but it was fun. I have not enjoyed the rest of his videos as much though. I think it's because they're more about hanging out during the game instead of explaining everything.

I'm open to other tutorial-style walkthrough videos if anyone knows of someone charismatic enough to watch. I should probably hang around and Bytejacker's The Gamerdrome for that sort of thing, but I never think of it. Speaking of those sites, I've been meaning to suggest them to BYOND developers to advertise on. (Now if only I could create decent videos of my own work.)

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild on a game/development portal and engine called BYOND. I run the guild as volunteer work.

  • Acebloke has released an update to his economic/military simulation, Wargames. Stressing the importance of barracks, the update also includes improved leaderboards, some interface tweaks, and a billboard to contact offline players.

    Acebloke is also looking for help with the design of Moving Mountains. Currently lacking a goal, the project allows players to adjust the environment and drive a poor Shepard to suicide.

  • Iccusion Entertainment released the first update to their game of placement and points, Gemble. There are bug fixes, interface improvements and more. I've added it to the internal list of games to review for feature status.

  • Aixelsyd is asking what people think of his turn-based campaign, Feudal. His rush for approval aside, he has been providing many updates and the news that he plans to add 10 more levels is welcome. Meanwhile, I've added Feudal to the internal list of games to review for feature status.

  • While I'm confused about why the game's forum is currently hidden, Tsfreaks has announced that he's looking for someone to to "develop an 'algorithm' which is capable of determining captured areas and/or buildings" in his version of Cathedral. More details are available in the Classified Ads post.

  • Kingstone is holding a tournament on Saturday with my territorial dispute game, Occupied Forces. He is currently hosting a server so people can practice. There are prizes so maybe someone can be bribed to experience my work.  [Update: Nope!]

  • IainPeregrine posted the results of his Get Something Done challenge. Multiple projects (including one of my own) are listed, but IainPeregrine's own Castle Masters is probably of most interest to strategy fans. (I'd call Treasure Turner a puzzle game.)

  • I posted another progress report on my game of demonic tactics, Flesh and Drone. A mockup image is included.

Don't like my referral links? Curious about what I've cut out? Try the version on BYOND Strategy.

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