BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 105

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal called BYOND.

You know, it's likely bad enough that I tend to make multiplayer-only games and then expect others to gather their own players.  Topping that off by spending my time searching through abstract strategy games on Wikipedia for inspiration probably doesn't improve my marketability any...  Granted, I may have a warped perspective coming from a community where players prefer anime fangames with a touch of action/RPG.


  • DRHero's robotic RTS, Future Wars, has been added to the guild so that it can be tested. A server was up on Thursday, but it was taken down for updates. There is no download available at the moment so the listing is considered temporary.
  • Thursday was the last day for people to join the GamingDomain guild's Efencea tournament. Troy1121 wants to have the brackets available by April 20th. Vermolius has stated that he and the rest of the Efencea team are working hard to release a new version of the base defense game on the day before the tournament. Tayoko's new graphics are sure to be welcomed, but I'm unsure how many of the planned modes and mechanical changes will be implemented.
  • Acebloke has announced some future updates to his economic/military simulation, Wargames, which might be released by next week. Air Superiority will be available, the number of medals to earn will be doubled from 6 to 12, and trading will have undergone some interface changes. While teasing another update with notes to himself, Acebloke is also trying to start a debate on how alliances should be handled.
  • I don't know how long this has been going on, but I spotted multiple Standings links when skimming through the guild's games this week. I don't think they have been fully implemented yet, but medals are being added to Bakasensei's Age of War, Mobius Evalon's Chess and Squeegy's Faith.
  • Geldonyetich's MORPG is temporarily going by the name Project Cyberverse and will indeed feature RTS elements. Rather than taking on the role of a specific character, players will manage the environment, create encounters, and then send NPCs on quests in an effort to build and/or destroy dynasties in a persistent world.
  • Alathon has given a brief combat synopsis for his steampunk blend of strategy and adventure, Rupture. Battles will consist of timed turns with up to 3 players/NPCs. The units of each player will flee whenever their main unit dies. Each unit may have its own abilities and some attacks can be chained.
  • Hiding under the guise of a cheap marketing ploy, BYOND RPG is amassing an army of white tigers to use as mounts for their cavalry. Beware. I've heard that their units keep their upgrades in later battles.
  • I updated my territorial dispute game, Occupied Forces, with scores and interface changes. Pictures are included (along with some CSS changes to my blog). I also decided to change the standings model of my abstract, competitive dungeon crawl, GrimTunnel.

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