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BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 103

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild on a game/development portal called BYOND.
Nobody complained about this blog last week so I'm guessing that disinterest is more of a concern than disdain.  However, I can envision a slowly-boiling frog scenario where Gamasutra gets full of posts like this and then the intended content gets hard to find.  Feel free to speak up if Tech Tree is not appropriate.  I'd rather find out if it's spam early than after dutifully posting every week. =)
  • Aixelsyd's RTS, Conqueror, has been released and added to the guild. It looks nifty. I'd be tempted to nag Aixelsyd for help files and bug fixes to get the game featured, but it appears he has already moved on. A note on the side of his blog (and a deleted blog post) says that he's currently working on a turn-based strategy game which is going by the name Timeless.
  • Developous has resumed work on his city management game, Citicorps. I added it to the guild as the mechanics seem appropriate, but I have not advanced past its icon selection yet.
  • Tsfreaks has again updated Tower Defense: Clone Wars. According to the game's forum, he was working out some kinks in the transition from his score server to BYOND's. At the moment, the standings don't show a lot of competition so it should be easy for someone new to enter.
  • I missed this last week, but Rushin/Rushnut released another version of Abra's base defense game, Castle. Perhaps this has been explained before, but I'm curious about why updates can't be made available through the hub page and Dream Seeker (BYOND's pager/client).
  • Foomer has been claiming that his space-based territorial dispute game, Solar Conquest, needs to be rewritten and he is not motivated to do it. He is offering to loan out the current graphics if someone would like to make the attempt.
  • Trosh Kubyo has been designing a card game based on Super Mario Bros. As usual, I question why people want to spend time with unlicensed IP, but I find the transformation of a platform game into a card game interesting.
  • DDT member, Deadron, recently took some time to pimp his game blog on his more political blog, Better Angels. The timing seems odd as Avenging Angels has not been updated since February, but the blog division allows him to know which audience he's speaking to.
  • I've released a version of my bot-crashing game, Gears & Peers. I just wanted something to test with since I have yet to play against anyone other than myself... which becomes quite boring in a game of prediction. I'll probably get around to adding screenshots soon, but for now you can view this old thing. (Now that I look at it, the game has gone through a few revisions since then though.)

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