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BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 102

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild on a game/development portal called BYOND.

To those interested in professional game development, this blog might seem rather trivial.  Some, but not all, of the games mentioned here often have little desire to be marketable.  The developers are usually hobbyists and you won't know them.

I should probably describe BYOND before continuing.  BYOND is a website and a free development suite that I've been using for roughly 8 years.  Developers and players download the same software.  The engine is tile-based and programs are written in DM, a loosely-typed, object-oriented language.  A passport system is included, allowing developers to offer lifetime and/or temporary subscriptions.  Multiplayer support is also included and servers are reported on the website.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Tech Tree.

  •  Tsfreaks has again updated Tower Defense: Clone Wars. This time, I *GASP* used my eyes to locate the details in the forum instead of getting lost and waiting for answers in the comments. Along with general efficiency issues, the game now handles not being able to connect to the score server a bit better. That appears to be a good thing since Tsfreaks has taken the server down. Offhand, I'd suggest using the new score system that been built into BYOND's website.

  • According to the BYOND pager, Bakasensei has again updated his RTS, Age of War. I'd mention what was included, but it's not on the hub page or in the forum as of this writing. Meanwhile, the game still claims to be version 0.61 from a couple weeks ago. Someone or something is confusing me and I don't think it's the voices in my head.

  • Aixelsyd's RTS, Conqueror, might not be released any time soon. Citing a competing RTS and school work, he is running a poll asking why people lose motivation.

  • DDT alert! Original member, Gazoot, made his presence known on a private forum. Seeing as he isn't planning on updating his personal games and his last game was an excuse to learn Flex, I don't think he'll be working on Last Robot Standing. This is unfortunate as that Wiz-War-inspired game was once a favorite of many on BYOND.

  • Hazman has been deviously tricked into revealing that he is again working on the business strategy game he mentioned ages ago. (Read: I asked him.) Hazman was temporarily stalled when merging two different systems for prospecting and mining, but that conflict has been resolved and he now appears to be encouraged by the results of his road construction system.

  • Alathon has announced Rupture, a blend of strategy and adventure in a steampunk universe. Players will be able to customize up to 9 units and form alliances that can build destructible cities. With a prior focus on MUDs and the post spending time on the setting, this could be more of an RPG with a dash of strategy mechanics, but I'm curious about what those mechanics are.
  • I redesigned how command modules are chosen for removal, but my bot crashing game, Gears & Peers, is almost ready for testing.

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