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BYOND and Within #22

A featured game update that isn't NEStalgia, a cooperative board game so I can pretend I'm hip and crowdsourced content competitions so I can jadedly waft a scam. Good luck to those participating in this weekend's GiaD!

This weekend, Sega games are 50% to 90% off on Steam.  I fought the good fight and convinced myself that there are enough old school indie games to help me resist the classics pack.  However, I'll likely buy Alpha Protocol for $2 if I don't end up trading my genuine TF2 hats or a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription for it first...  Because I'm both cheap AND self-depreciating.

This edited version of BYOND and Within comes to you from an unpaid volunteer using a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Rather than play suggestions, the column focuses on recent developer activity.

Within BYOND

Still planning a fighting game in the Feval universe, Aaiko is updating the acorn-exploding action that inspired it.  Utilizing friend lists and clans on the official beta server, competitive players may enter tournaments and climb ladders while others cooperate against the AI in new modes and maps.  All the while, acorns shall be collected to purchase customizations in Iccusion Entertainment's attempt at a developer-wide currency.

Falacy's Dead of Night is now listed.  It's a board game where players attempt to survive against hoards of zombies.  Cooperative play is encouraged and the survivor who best fulfills their objectives is deemed the winner.  I haven't figured out the fundamentals yet, but I've heard enough good things about other cooperative board games to be curious. =)

Danlee13 has released a version of chess called SimpleChess.  There are a lot of variants around the site and, like many, this one lacks AI.  However, some players might enjoy the local play option and online scoring.  Testing and constructive criticism are welcome.

The Flash integration used to create the pretty title screens of Nefarious Development's Prism didn't leave me with many BYOND-focused details to note, but their additional rendering of 3D stock models into sprite sheets shows an overall get-it-done approach that I can get behind.  Multiple demos for the MORPG's interface have been released.  Hopefully an actual game isn't far behind.

With new music and a TIGSource thread, Makeii has updated the demo for his action RPG Edreoll.  The focus appears to be on the interface, but the screenshots display new maps as well.  Feedback from a recent test server has been summarized on Makeii's blog and the developer has been interviewed by the Journalism guild's Magnum2k.

Bravo1 updated his vehicular shooter Tanx with fixes, team balance and AI tweaks.  He has also been exploring BYOND's native pixel movement with a new metroidvania called Chasm.  Two videos have been uploaded.  A multiplayer mode with tougher enemies is planned.

For those willing to navigate some questionable use of footnotes, XxLucifersJesterxX has updated GreatFisher's gladiatorial Arena Game.  In addition to bug fixes, interface improvements and graphical changes, AI has been inserted into the game to make it "almost playable".

Discussing pay-to-play BYOND games, Oasiscircle and Akto have been posting videos of a platform shooter inspired by Kid Icarus called Majeure.  Design concepts and a (now outdated) demo are available.  Together with Bravo1, their DMcast was interviewed by Magnum2k for the Journalism guild.

Fantasie Productions have been posting a series of descriptions for their self-titled MORPG.  They're planning three branches for each of 33 unique classes.  Thus far, they've offered the Swordsman, Bowman, Gunner, Musician, Protector, Umbrakinetic, Aerokinetic and Electrokinetic.  Paid positions are available.

With a new Facebook page, Zane444 and Chris Gayle are continuing to channel their colonial world of Spirit Age.  While screenshots display the ships used to travel between countries and the trains used once inside, a video depicts a little naked dude exploring the map on foot.  No shirt, no shoes, no service?

Working with a variety of pixel artists and programmers, Heyya46 is creating a modern crime-based MORPG called Syndicate.  (It's not like any other game is using that title responsibly, right?)  Providing an outline of the team's progress, a request for activity ideas has been issued.

The Feed team is asking pixel artists to design posters which shall decorate the walls of their zombie action title.  If drawing isn't your thing, artist Brettpenzer also offers the opportunity to select which female avatar will be available.  Hey Mass Effect, is that sexist or just allowing men to admit they play with dolls?

In another crowdsource event from The Teka Co. Mafia, El Wookie shall use an in-game item to immortalize the username of whoever submits the best title for his RPG.  Impressing himself with the programming, details of the Pokemon-inspired battle system are available.

IainPeregrine's Game in a Day 2011 is currently underway.  The rules have been posted.  The theme choices are "For Science!", "Mirage", "Zodiac" and "Honey Badger".  Those with schedule conflicts may send an email to receive a personalized theme.  (Comments on the blog will not be sufficient.)

Next weekend, the DMcast will be hosting a tournament involving the radish-collecting action of IainPeregrine's Plunder Gnome.  Entrants are expected to sign up with two to three team members.  A selection of $20 items and some hosting time with BYONDPanel are offered as prizes.  Those willing to endure bad accents can watch a match between castmates Akto and Oasiscircle.

Beyond BYOND

  • Here's an event for the writers and artists in the audience: Registration is now open for The 30 Characters Challenge which begins November 1st.  Create 30 characters within 30 days and post them on Twitter.
  • Try to escape the roughly 600 entries of Ludum Dare #21.  We'll wait.  Maybe.
  • While you were gone, gamers made another few medical breakthroughs with Foldit.
  • Digital distributors Desura have announced alphafunding support for indie games.  Players can pay money for games in testing in order to fund their completion.
  • Here on Gamasutra, Mike Rose offered perspectives of companies on opposing sides of cloned indie games.  Out on Hulu, Bleach filler has taught me that one side looks through glowing blue eyes.
  • I rarely watch machinima.  Uppercase or not.  I have never seen The Room.  I still want to check out The Tommy Wi-Show.
  • Those of you with a taste for mechanical toys may enjoy this Yahoo photo collection of old coin-op games and this video game in a box.
  • I was just trying to avoid sexist fan drool and ask a math question like Anthony Carboni requested.  How was I supposed to know Pi ran off with Tara Long's friend?

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