BYOND and Within #11

Happy Easter/Zombie Jesus/Bunny Eggs! Inside BYOND's niche, games have been updated, other writers are offering columns and fangame creators are switching to their own IP.

Happy Easter (or whatever you celebrate)!  I ate ham for the first time since last year.  While I've been sticking with roughly the same diet I had before my gall bladder surgery, I'm trying not to be overly strict.  It's more of a lifestyle change to multiple small meals and lots of green tea.

This edited version of BYOND and Within comes to you from an unpaid volunteer using a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  The column focuses on recent developer activity.  Play suggestions are highlighted in the game list.

Within BYOND

Forum_account updated his digging platformer A Miner Adventure with bug fixes, elevator call buttons and server status updates.  However, his current focus is on his sidescrolling action RPG Tiny Heroes (with RTS, space mission and RPG projects on the backburner).

Silk Games released a new version of their retro MORPG NEStalgia with minor fixes and the expectation that players will download the latest BYOND client.  The next day, the second episode of the Official NEStalgia Podcast was uploaded with a player as their special guest.  More recently, SilkWizard offered his take on what BYOND developers can learn from NEStalgia's success.

SuperAntx is looking for a pixel artist to help create levels for the team-based action of Decadence.  Money is being offered.  Unique art assets are expected for each map.  Experience with level design is a plus.

While I've been cutting back on columns, DungeonDan has offered his own.  The What's New Review offers quick reviews of recent releases and interviews with developers.  The second installment quizzed KhaosParadox on the inner workings of Eternia.  The third discussed Suukou Faita with Branks and Lige.  Check the column out while you speculate about the future of DungeonDan's monkey platformer.

Not to be outdone, EnigmaticGallivanter has revived BYOND Journalism by interviewing BYOND benefactor and game list maintainer Teka123...  The same noble soul who chose to belittle this column on my own blog as my head throbbed in pain.  Brat. ;)

Jotdaniel has released and updated an action game called Jetpack Adventure.  Players are tasked with navigating tunnels while avoiding the floors and ceilings.  Disagreeing with the physics, SuperAntx responded with the release of Jetpack Jerry.  Honestly, I find discovering the quirks of movement to be the entire point of games like this. *Shrug* =)

Camdev's fantasy tabletop strategy Voxles has been updated at least twice with interface improvements, medals, new units and more.  Meanwhile, he has responded to feedback regarding the confusing and manual nature of the game.  Hopefully the details will be more clear when the tutorial video arrives.

National Guardsman has provided a content patch for his MORPG Perdita.  Multiple screenshots are provided.  An effort has been made to reduce lag and the map has been redesigned around its quests.  National Guardsman is currently searching for a pixel artist.

The Magic Man added a practice mode to Block Miners to help lone players learn the RTS game's controls .  He also uploaded the turn-based battle W-BAT for others to host.  Meanwhile, War of Heroes has been updated twice with fixes and balance tweaks.  His next project is planned as a sidescrolling PVP game.

Magicbeast20 has updated his wave-based zombie shooter, Quarantine.  Bugs were fixed, the interface was improved and an original background track was added.  Eksadus has been offering reasonable music deals for any developers wishing to purchase their own.

KhaosParadox has been seeking both advice and a programmer for the MORPG Eternia.  The project was originally designed as an outlet for creative writing.  However, it became part of a college project to create a money-making business within a year.  A prequel with a smaller scope will now be released.  I wish the team well.

Kudos to those who have been responding to recent events by making the switch to original IP!

Beyond BYOND

  • The 20th Ludum Dare begins on April 30th in Cambridge, UK.  Developers will each have 48 hours to create a game based on the same theme while working alone.
  • The results of the 2011 7DRL have been posted at Temple of the Roguelike.  Forty-six entries were completed this year.
  • Jonathan Blow, Chris Hecker and Markus Persson all appeared on Episode 503 of's Bonus Round.
  • Scott Nicholson has been providing a series of videos filmed while board games are played at conventions.  All of the players help to give quick interpretations.
  • After struggling to learn how to create MOD music, I found myself lacking a decent selection of samples.  Fortunately, I stumbled on a collection under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  It's part of the One Laptop Per Child project.


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