A Game Manifesto

My game manifesto, as published in

This philosophy focuses on videogames, but it may be extended to all games.

I believe games are for everyone.

I believe everyone is able to play games, regardless of physical and mental conditions.

I believe games are pivotal to endure and express human existence.

I believe games are art.

I believe games communicate social issues and anxieties.

I believe games enable us to create situations we are not able to experience in real life.

I believe games are a solid complement to real life.

I believe games communicate.

I believe that people who play, are people who maintain a possitive attitude.

I believe games convey human emotions.

I believe we learn best from games.

I believe games enable us to interact in an effective way with others.

I believe games are more than action or violent mechanics.

I believe games must portray the fears, insecurities, and desires of the creators.

I believe games are able to strengthen us to confront life’s challenges.

I believe games are more than graphics.

I believe games tell stories.

I believe games educate us.

I believe more people should be making games. Especially, minorities and “sub-cultures”.

I believe games do not age.

I believe games have an everlasting presence in our lives.

I believe games coupled with practice can teach anything. ANYTHING.

I believe games leave a legacy.

I believe there is a deep correlation between psychology and gaming.

I believe in the trascendental power of a game.

I believe in game development.

I believe in games.


“We don’t stop playing

because we grow old;

we grow old because we stop playing.”


–George Bernard Shaw

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