A complete review list

I don´t find the time to update as often is wanted - but here comes a (sometimes updated) list of my reviews (and preview(s)).
Along Came A Spider - plattformer with a twist, 80 MSP 

AvaGlide from Haiku Entertainment - Pilotwings with Avatars, 80 MSP 

Beat Hazard from Cold Beam Games - shot your music collection, 400 MSP 

Breath of Death VII from RainbowDespair - oldschool RPG full of parody, 80 MSP 

Breeze from Null City Software - addictive and beautiful, 240 MSP

Crossfire from Radiangames - Space Invaders evolved to a real game, 240 MSP 

Dark - short but stylish platformer, 80 MSP 

Dead Shift - preview - Zombies in a Sandbox for fun 

Decimation X from Xona Games, the Space Invaders on drugs superhit, 80 MSP 

Gerbil Physics from Pencel Games - gerbils in boxes to blow up, 80 MSP 

Invader from Big Daddio - tough but fun shooter, 80 MSP 

Kissy Poo from The Zman - got kids? Have a look 80 MSP 

Kong360 - Gorilla Warfare from SpaceDude - FPS without FP but Gorillas instead, 240 MSP 

Lumi from Kydos Studio - the most beautiful platformer on XBLIG, 400 MSP 

Mechanoid Army from Mancebo - little known but cool platformer, 240 MSP 

Missile Escape from Maximinus - fresh, simple, addictive, 80 MSP 

MotorHEAT from Milkstone Studios - a fast racer for everyone, 80 MSP 

Opac's Journey - open (under)world platformer "Metroidvania", 80 MSP 

Pixel Boarder from Pixel Friends - retro snowboarding in 3D 240 MSP 

Pixel from Arkedo - impressive platformer with a kind of retro look, 240 MSP 

Shoot 1Up from Mommy´s Best Games - must play shmup, 80 MSP 

Sleepwalker from Debreuil - the real one button game … it´s fun, 80 MSP 

Soul from Kydos Studio - save your soul, 80 MSP 

Soulcaster from MagicalTimeBean - 1 Level scorebeating retro platformer, 240 MSP 

Square Off from Gnomic Studios - excellent 1-4 player shooter, 80 MSP 

Trickshot from Sterlingware - ski, shot, laugh 80 MSP 

Twin Blades from Press Start Studio - anime styled hack´n slay, 400 MSP 

Urban Space Squirrels - the best riddles ever in a platformer, 80 MSP 

Wool from Milkstone Studios - sheepherding game (no kiddin!), 80 MSP 

Your Doodles Are Bugged! from Spyn Doctor - even cooler than Lemmings, 80 MSP 

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