6 things to improve on my GDC experience from last year

Going to GDC for the first time last year was one of the best times I've had as an adult! That being said, there are a few logistical aspects that I’m looking to improve this year.

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I had wanted to go to GDC for roughly 10 years.  Last year I decided that nothing was going to keep me from this event and I went on my own dime…  And it was truly one of the best times I’ve had as an adult! I decided that it was worth attending regularly – whatever the difficulties organizing logistics with the wife and kids.

That being said, there were a few technical aspects of my experience that I’m looking to improve this year:

  1. Walking shoes.  Last year I brought my most comfortable pair of shoes and thought I was set.  But with all of the walking all around the conference as well as back and forth to the hotel – I need something built for lots of movement.  This year I am prepared.
  2. Planning out sessions beforehand.  As a first timer I was a bit awe-struck being in a place with thousands of developers (and artists and journalists etc)…  I seriously didn’t even know where or how to begin.  This year I’m getting the plan together early so I can mitigate that feeling of being overwhelmed.
  3. Mapping out the topography.  I stayed in a place reasonably close last year… But up a pretty steep hill which made it much more difficult to traverse than I would have guessed.  This year I’m ready.
  4. Boxer-briefs.  On the same note, I’m going to be prepared for lots of walking this year.  'Nuff said.
  5. Registering for parties early.  Last year I didn’t realize that you had to sign up someplace to get in the door in many of the parties.  This is not an issue I wish to relive.
  6. Making plans with friends beforehand.  I love GDC because every person there is involved in and cares about something I love (games) in some way.   Although I love being able to strike up conversation with almost anybody, it can be draining to do that all week.  It will be nice to get to visit with some people with whom I’ve already got a rapport.

    Those are some of my plans for making GDC even better this year than laast year.  If you have any tips for GDC that you want to share - or any funny/interesting GDC stories – leave them in the comments!

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