25 years later, FMV horrorshow Night Trap is coming back

The team at Kentucky-based Screaming Villains have announced plans to bring a 25th anniversary rerelease of the full-motion video horror game Night Trap to PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

The team at Kentucky-based studio Screaming Villains announced today that they intend to bring a 25th anniversary rerelease of the full-motion video horror game Night Trap to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

While the practice of bringing old games to modern hardware isn't terribly novel these days, it's still somewhat surprising to see Night Trap getting a rerelease given the game's curious history in the game industry.

Developed by Digital Pictures in the early '90s using footage produced for use on Hasbro's cancelled "Project NEMO" console (which used actual VHS tapes), Night Trap was first released for the Sega CD in 1992 and went on to appear alongside Mortal Kombat and other games in the 1993 Congressional hearings on video game violence.  

The game was ported to other platforms throughout the '90s, then (mostly) faded into history until 2014, when Night Trap co-creator Tom Zito tried and failed to crowdfund a high-definition remake of the game on Kickstarter.  

That flawed campaign offered up some lessons for fellow devs, and Night Trap again faded away until last year, when Screaming Villains dev Tyler Hogle posted a video of a Night Trap prototype running on an Android phone. In a Facebook comment today, Hogle noted that "[Night Trap co-creators Tom] Zito & [Rob] Fulop saw the Android prototype and it kinda just went from there."

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