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16 of Gamasutra's best articles over the last quarter

Hey readers! I’m back with another quarterly roundup of Gamasutra articles over the past quarter (April-June), as I continue my heroic efforts to excavate the best recently-published work.

Kris Graft is editor-in-chief, Gamasutra (@krisgraft)

Hey readers! I’m back with another quarterly roundup of Gamasutra articles over the past quarter (April-June), as I continue my heroic efforts to excavate the best recently-published work.

The 16 pieces below include 12 blogs and articles written by game developers, and four articles from Gamasutra writers and contributors. The list is a mix of our highest-trafficked articles, and some lower-trafficked-but-still-excellent articles. Bookmark this blog post or add it to your lists for later reading, or just go freaking nuts and read all of these articles right now. I'll highlight some more later down the line. (Make sure to check out my Q1 roundup here.)

Last but not least, a HUGE thanks to our game developer bloggers and contributors who take the time to share their knowledge with their peers via our site -- Gamasutra simply would not be as good without you all. (If you'd like to start blogging on Gamasutra, here are the guidelines.)

Developer blogs and articles

Postmortem: Offworld Trading Company’s Early Access Campaign – Soren Johnson, founder of Mohawk Games, lead designer on Civilization IV. (@sorenjohnson)

Game Design Deep Dive: Dying Light’s Natural Movement system – Maciej Binkowski (@MagicBinkovski), lead designer, Techland’s Dying Light; Bartosz Kulon, lead gameplay programmer; Paul Milewski (@Pab_Mil), PR manager and marketing coordinator.

How to take advantage of textures in the vertex shader – Mario Palmero, lead programmer, Tequila Works; Norman Scharr (@Norman3D), technical artist, Tequila Works.

What does $1 million buy in game development?Michael Fitch (@FitchGames), game industry vet and consultant.

Postmortem: Stoic Studios’ The Banner Saga 2 – John Watson, co-owner, technical director, Stoic Studios.

You’re crunching. So now what?Matthew S. Burns (@mrwasteland), writer and game developer.

Postmortem: Paradox Development Studio’s Stellaris -- Henrik Fåhraeus, game director; Rikard Åslund (@RikardAslund), project lead.

Ratchet & Clank 2016 postmortemShaun McCabe (@shaun_mccabe), Ratchet & Clank game director, Insomniac Games; Chad Dezern, Ratchet & Clank  creative director, Insomniac Games.

Are behavior trees a thing of the past?Jakob Rasmussen, CEO, Apex Game Tools

The future of the ARPGStieg Hedlund, designer, Diablo II

Postmortem: Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini MetroPeter Curry (@peterc_nz), Dinosaur Polo Club

The disco generator: Procedural level creation in All Walls Must Fall – Isaac Ashdown, co-founder and programmer at inbetweengames, and former Yager senior programmer.

Original editorial

What devs at E3 were saying about Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neoby Bryant Francis (@RBryant2012)

With Disney Infinity’s demise, what’s the future of toys-to-life?by Kris Graft (@krisgraft)

Game devs weigh in on the ‘Brexit’ decision – by Alex Wawro (@awawro)

Here’s (probably) why VR made you sick at E3by Kris Graft (@krisgraft)

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