"WAVESPACE" complex "4D wavespace" syntheizer for R-T soundtracks

For all you audio heads and procedural content generation freaks, here are some DEMOS of -the- "WAVESPACE" synthesizer, featured in DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE, and "SYNTH" the video game. This is actualy a very capable and high quality synthezier. ** gHZ ERA !



(under construction)

Engineered by Rhys Paul Hovey 2012


Wavespace is the TERRAfyingly exiciting evolution of "DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE's" complex wave geneneration synthesis conecept!! Wavespace is a more general synthesis archetecture / method, namely the "wavespace" engine, featured in the new and up coming versions of DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE and SYNTH video game.

Wavespace is the answer to all the lamness in standard voice based synthesizers!!

** Will be featured in (SYNTH mini v1.7) coming soon (now newly compresses to under 4 megabytes!! contains a pure 99% wavespace/damsin based soundtrack. Gernates a DVD worth of audio and graphics!!)


SO how is DAMSIN any different from WAVESPACE ?

Simple, Damsin is a mini "grove studio" with the wavespave synthesis engine "built in". Eventually DAMSIN will have the ACTUAL wavespace synthesizer built in, with a complete patch editor. It will be able to play DAMSIN events, SAMPLES, and WAVESPACE patches per event, stored in the sepparate wavespace banks.

So what is WAVESPACE ??

EVERY "wavespace" generator has the following "continuous" and "homogenous" wavespace generator format:

oscilator_wave = Wavespace_f(n)(x0,y0,z0,t0)

{ x0,y0,z0 }=[-1,1] , t=[0,..inf]

and the WAVESPACE f(n) it'self can be "modulated". (Interpolated)

What does this mean?? it's means a LOT LOT!! Having a 4 dimension space, is like having a "4D wavetable" in which any of the "waves" has at least "4" directions out of it, and into "ultra closely" (like 0.00001 deltas for example) correlateed (smoothly) waves ALL exist for REAL! With wavetable storage area would be TERRABYTES or MORE!!

Do your "orbits" and other complex modulation functions into the "x0,y0,z0" modulation destinations, and "control time" down to single cycle waves, with scalling, and offsets "t" space.



See you later boring physical models!!

See you later phasey granular crapola!!

Real time wavespace computation syntheis!!

Ultra "lightweight memory footprint" via "real time generation".

perfect "tranposition" and automatic/adustable "scaling" of harmonic change over different pitches. (sounds sound "the same" when pitched up or down, because they are based on "time" through the space, that is independent from cycle wave timings)



Know the difference!

Hear the difference!

See you later filters!! :) (NOT!! hehe, but "kind of" )

High resolution pure 32 bit floating point math!! (new)

Over 20 ULTRA high quality 4D wavespace algorithms, complete with time scaling, time offset, and 3 floating point continuous"abstract" modulation destinations / dimension. Yip,. "modulation dimension".

Almost NO oscilators has 5 funktioning parameters!!

Many more algorithms in progress!! (trust this one!)

DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE "patch programs" contain up to 6 Wavespace oscillators per voice track, complete with "stereo" time offset,. meaning ACUTAL "different waveforms" will be generated in stereo voices,. with adjustable "time offsets" and scaling.

What Else?

All the typical STUFF!!

Very High Quality Analog Modeled IIR Filters.

In addition to real time models, wavespace has over 150 MB of precomputed waves for optimization purposes.


SCREENSHOT of "DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE" with "wavespace" synthezier

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