"My Little World-2"

Because I have a few minutes to jot down some things

OK. We got a big world so lets start filling it in.

Man! There's alot of ways this can be done. So I'm gonna have to visualize it.


I load up the game and am prompted to choose a residence. Each selection of residences explain what you can do with it.

I see a Log Cabin: Hunting/Freshwater Fishing/Boat racing... So I click on it.

From there a character select screen pops up and I make my character and dress her in a nice pair if jeans and a Daisy Duke halter-top, Blonde hair, Big boobs... Y'know, nice to look at.

I press finish or "Yeehaw" or something and I'm transported to my log cabin.

I look around... It's kinda dinjy. But I think I can do something with it.

I get a prompt asking me I f I want to do a Tutorial... I pass, because I wanna look around a bit. It'll be there when I want it, it wont go away, but it can be hidden and pulled up at any time.

The log cabin isn't all that great but I can upgrade it in lots of ways.

- I can add rooms

- Store things

-Decorate it with: Furniture, Trophies,Pictures, add Fishtanks to put fish I catch in (feed it and watch it grow and other things (special things), Tools such as Refrigerator and Blender, to make "Things", a Radio that plays different kinds of music, A TV that plays different shows, Lighting that works. All kinds of stuff.

-Build a bigger porch/s: Put some chairs out on the porch and hunt from the porch, or just chill out and watch the sunrise or fall over a lake or mountain. While the bugs buzz and the crickets chirp. There's a dangerous wild animal loose out there somewhere, and it's been killing the animal population on my property. It's never been seen, but it's been talked about for 40 years

-Build onto the property: Add a corral or 3 to pen up animals for various reasons, or make an atv and go cart track, Add a toolshed for extra storage, bigger garage for more vehicles, add ponds for various things (special things). Grow a garden (when you find the seed, and after you till the ground, and have an understanding of how to grow plants in this game) It's not gonna be as simple as throwing seeds on the ground, but you might get lucky and the environment might be just perfect, or it'll fail. (But noone will have to garden, it's just there if you want to. You might grow the biggest radish in the game and win a prize. But you can sell what you grow to NPC vendors, or other players)

Ok burnout is settin' in... That right there is a game in itself, but I'll be back and explain some of the Log Cabin experience another day.


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