Frog Fractions 2, A Normal Lost Phone among 2017 IndieCade nominees

This year, 36 games representing a number of different genres, themes, and platforms have been nominated for recognition.

The organizers behind the annual IndieCade indie games festival have revealed the list of games being considered for awards ahead of this year’s event. 

In previous years, IndieCade has recognized games for outstanding design as well as impactful content and counts 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, and Hyper Light Drifter among its recent award recipients.

This year, 36 games have been nominated for recognition and, as with years past, the games selected represent a number of different genres, themes, and platforms. Each of the nominees will be showcased at the upcoming IndieCade Festival in Los Angeles on October 6-8.

“This year, as we celebrate our milestone 10th anniversary festival, we truly honor the talented individuals around the world who continue to create the most unique and artistic independent games,” said IndieCade CEO Stephanie Barish. “From thought-provoking titles that explore real world issues, to live-action RPGs that bring people together in communal experiences, this year’s selections reflect the strength and ingenuity of the community, and we’re proud to showcase top emerging talent.”

The full list of this year’s nominees can be found below, while the yet-growing list of games being shown at the event can be found on IndieCade’s website.

  • A Normal Lost Phone (Accidental Queens)
  • Atchafalaya Arcade (Tammy Duplantis)
  • BIT RAT (bucket drum games)
  • Bleep Space (Andy Wallace and Dan Friel)
  • Bury me, my Love (The Pixel Hunt and Figs)
  • Busy Work (Mouse & the Billionaire)
  • Cat Sorter VR (Pawmigo Games)
  • Cosmic Top Secret (klassefilm)
  • Cribbage with Grandpas (Less Than Three Interactive)
  • Detention (Red Candle Games)
  • Emotional Fugitive Detector (Sam Von Ehren, Alexander King, and Noca Wu)
  • Everything is going to be OK (alienmelon)
  • Fear Sphere (HNRY)
  • Feast (Sharang Biswas and Sweta Mohapatra
  • Four Horsemen (Nuclear Fishin’ Software)
  • Frog Fractions 2 (Twinbeard and Mostly Tigerproof)
  • GNOG (KO_OP Mode)
  • Hackers of Resistance (The Hackers of Resistance)
  • Ishmael (Jordan Magnuson)
  • Keyboard Sports (Triband)
  • Kim (The Secret Games Company)
  • Ladykiller in a Bind (Love Conquers All Games)
  • Objectif (a.m. darke)
  • Oblige (Jocelyn Kim and Ivan Tsang)
  • Oikospiel Book I (Koch Games)
  • OneShot (Little Cat Feet)
  • Rhythm Doctor (7th Beat Games)
  • Santiago (Team Santiago)
  • Sign: A Game about being Understood (Thorny Games)
  • The Norwood Suite (Greg ‘Cosmo D’ Heffernan)
  • Tracking Ida (Tracking Ida Team)
  • Un-Destined (Zinno Studio)
  • Vignettes (Skeleton Business)
  • Virtual, Virtual Reality (Tender Claws)
  • Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Dim Bulb Games)
  • _Transfer (Abyssal Uncreations)

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