1979 Revolution proceeds to benefit ACLU in wake of immigration ban

'The current political messaging, which fosters fear, misinformation and xenophobia, are what Ink Stories will stand against,' said a statement from the multinational developer of 1979: Revolution.

Ink Stories has released a statement against the immigration ban currently imposed on US-bound travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations and has pledged to donate proceeds of its game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday to the American Civil Liberties Union in support of immigrants and refugees affected by the imposed ban.

“The current political messaging, which fosters fear, misinformation and xenophobia, are what Ink Stories will stand against,” said the statement. 

“As an independent development studio, Ink stands firmly in believing that it’s the responsibility of the larger art and entertainment community to unite in solidarity against policies that are inhumane, unjust and un-American.

Our industry has tremendously benefited from the ability of people to cross borders. Immigration has been a source of creativity and strength for this country throughout its history -- and we oppose the ban and the dangerous precedent it sets.”

The statement goes on to note that Ink Stories is composed of a diverse group of ethnic, national, and religious members, including several individuals from Iran. 

“This is deeply personal, as my family made the hard decision to leave Iran after the revolution, to come to the West, which was the land of inclusion. Today, I feel like I am reliving history,” said Ink Stories founder Navid Khonsari, who himself is directly impacted by the selective immigration ban. 

Several other notable game developers and companies have spoken out against the recent executive order that temporarily bars citizens of Syria, Iran, Sudan, Lybia, Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq from entering the United States, including Electronic Arts, Insomniac Games, and the Entertainment Software Association.

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