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What Can Make The OUYA a Viable Platform?

Why does the OUYA have to be something huge? why can't it be something that's just decent? Isn't that cool enough?

I understand the backlash the OUYA gets with it perceived as just a "smartphone that plugs into the T.V" & the specs being on par with the Google Nexus but I think most who accuse this of being weak & a scam aren't even considering the future. I believe most of you are contempt with this perpetual state of shit happening in the game industry. I have my doubts about this machine as well, like massive flooding & piracy but I'm very optimistic. We all know the PC is powerful but not everyone could afford a high end rig + there are more exclusives on PS3/360. This is a great way for solid devs to get in the living room who don't want to deal with Sony/Microsoft's bullshit.

I don't think this will be the next big thing but to rule it out is insane when there is so much potential especially when we have more of a voice. Imagine how many great games that could've made it on PSN/XBLA/WiiWare that couldn't because they were too big or didn't meet the "Big 3"s standard. We'll probably never see them.

Look at the way some major companies are destroying the industry by pumping sequels every year. I'm sure most of you seen E3 this year, - how much do you think it cost to get Usher to dance on stage? Close to a million dollars, where as this money could've been used to pay a couple of devs to show mock prototypes just to show the ideas of what they have in store. The constant FPSs, the constant violence in games that didn't show anything but head smashing & point blank headshots yet promising "open-ended gameplay" but didn't show it because they think we're simple-minded. Nintendo Land u_u..Nintendo didn't even want to show the "Project P-100" demo during their main event because they didn't care. They could've shown a reel of protoypes like they did before, of where their ideas are but instead we got the 2 of the same Mario games on different systems & a reel of year-old games. Then they say we're spoiled. I'm sorry, but thats like Square-Enix coming with a new RPG & expecting us to buy it ASAP, after giving us Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy..& Mindjack.

They say its hard to put out an new IP in this climate but the fuck, these are the same guys who pump out sequels because its not safe its so they can dictate their control over the industry. If close to every major developer today decided to stop everyone of their franchises & start anew with brand new shit, how would you think that would play out? Look how much people loved "Watch Dogs", including me, surprise that was the only real original hardcore game was a fresh IP (excluding South Park). If we can help tailor what comes on the OUYA market it could always be fresh.

A lot of our heroes have let us down. Yes they're are great major devs out there that are still very passionate & I'm not pissed at most of the AAA-devs but you know deep down inside that you are not as excited for the market of games as of late because it doesn't feel the same like 1998. I know because this thread is filled with some of the best topics that argue about the state of games including Design Theory & what they could've done better.

I hate when someone says "what if Valve made this game" or "Rockstar made this.." WHY!? There are great developers out there that are just like these guys that just need a little a love but for some to sit thru some of the shit & then wait on "Half-Life: Episode 3" to come save the day..if you ignore some really awesome games/devs because they're aren't popular & depend on HL3 to come tmmrw then thats just lame. I love Valve & Rockstar just like any of you but how are we going to bring about tmmrw if we depend on them for everything? Again I'm not saying OUYA games could ever match HL3, but you'll never know what you might find & thats the cool part; finding a exclusive title. They just need your attention.

Here we are, with middleware on the rise, more & more devs are creating these powerful narratives & creative, solid titles at fast rates that could really benefit with enough exposure (Indiedb/Desura are filled with these guys) - imagine the next "ICO" or "Metal Gear Solid" or "Legend of Zelda" or "Deus Ex" or "Kingdom Hearts" or "Super Mario RPG" or "Chrono Trigger" or "Final Fantasy Tactics" being exclusive on this thing. They wouldn't live in their shadow but they would have that same glow. Exclusivity is the key word.

Why would it be? Because these small/mid-size devs think just like you & me, & they really miss those days too. The thing that made the SNES Era so great was that everyone wasn't trying to be so innovative but were compassionate toward their games..That's what made them great..I truly believe that they're devs somewhere that can make modern SNES/PSX/PS2 RPGs - I'm not only talking about with decent graphics but I mean with character & strong narrative. There's some dude on the Gamasutra forums who thought that clip of "Shadowgun" was "Gears of War" running on the OUYA. Thats too sweet loll.

I hate the low barrier of entry & I don't want a "Flip The Cup" or "Paper Toss" but imagine if we got the IGDA/ESA involve where they could act as a barrier of entry & help truly creative titles shine & protect those from copy/pasting games? Or something like an alternative to Steam Greenlight where only the really strong are voted to the front of the market? Or imagine if a game is crappy where its dropped from the market preventing overdosing of crappy shit?

What I'm trying to say is we can really help & make this our own, why not? why ignore & feel comfortable with the way things are going? I believe (not sure) that Unity4, UDK & OGRE3D can run on Android 4.0 so why not believe that there can be games on this thing that can really be awesome & serious? Don't look at this & say "well I can play Angry Birds on my TV now" no look at this & say "Indies are in the living room..awesome". This could be what I thought the Nintendo Revolution was going to be; a sequel to the SNES.

We can really talk to the guys who are creating the OUYA & help mold what we want; security & creative wise.

Again, I'm not saying throw your computer in the trash or anything but just picture a cool console with some exclusive titles you would have to wait for years if not ever just to see on PSN/XBLA. I dont think this thing can beat the PS3/360/PC but who cares if it can't? I don't want it to. Most of you say that it has to compete with the Big 3 + PC, so it will, but what that has to do with the quality it can bring? Why wish on its downfall? I think it actually co-exist.

So how can the OUYA be a more viable platform?

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