Weekly Jobs Roundup: Monster Squad, Game Closure, and more are hiring now!

Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now on Gamasutra's Job Board.

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Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now. If you're a recruiter looking for talent, you can also post jobs here.

Systems Engineer, Game Closure

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Game Closure is on the hunt for Systems Engineers to help us build the social games that guide the development of our mobile game engine. We are a 70 ­strong and growing team with offices in Mountain View, CA, Eugene, OR and Tokyo, Japan. If you want to join us to make great games on our cutting­ edge technology and truly make an impact, then we want to talk to you!

As a Systems Engineer at Game Closure, you will play a pivotal role in creating a platform to revolutionize the mobile game development industry. Our engineers are generally amazing at something and great at everything else. We write cross-­compilers, custom browsers, ARM7 assembly, GPU shaders, Node.js & Python back­ends, JavaScript game APIs and tools, and whatever else it takes. No matter what you work on each day, you will work with the best engineers in the world; we have top talent in every part of our stack.

Unity DeveloperInnogames

Location: Hamburg, Germany

As a Unity Developer, you will be part of our agile, cross-functional and international development team. You will drive the development of new features as well as maintain and improve the current code of our new games.

Senior Narrative Writer, Impulse Gear

Location: San Francisco, California

Impulse Gear is looking for a Senior Narrative Writer to help push the boundaries of interactive storytelling in our next Virtual Reality game. Daily tasks will include story development, game dialogue and general narrative contribution. The ideal candidate will have previous success as a game writer or screenwriter, outstanding communication skills, a good understanding of story and game structure, and an absolute passion to tell great stories in various mediums.

Senior Producer, Cryptic Studios

Location: Los Gatos, California

Senior Producers at Cryptic Studios work closely with designers, artists and programmers to organize and drive the game development process. A Senior Producer’s number one priority within the development structure is to make sure the overall development and business goals are being driven towards and met. This means a no nonsense approach to problem solving with daily communication and working to support all the members of the team in task management and scheduling challenges.

UE4 Gameplay Programmer, Monster Squad

Location: Seattle, Washington

Are you the type of Programmer who recreated your favorite game's combat system to figure out how it was made? Did you learn to program so you could make the games you love to play?

At Monster Squad, our Gameplay Programmers are also Gameplay Designers. In this role, you will go beyond just building tech, and actively design the systems that go into our games. This is a unique opportunity for creative individuals who have the self-direction to bring the team and your own inspiring ideas to life.


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