Video: Managing a game studio doesn't have to be like herding cats

Overseeing a game studio is never easy, but Sproing CEO Harald Riegler believes that encouraging a sense of studio culture can eliminate the feeling of "herding cats" and alleviate many management woes.
Managing a game studio is never easy, regardless of your team's talent or experience. As Sproing CEO Harald Riegler puts it, leading a group of passionate and diverse developers can sometimes feel like herding cats -- but it doesn't have to be that way. Riegler, whose credits include games like Silent Hunter Online and Skyrama, has been overseeing dev teams for more than a decade, and at this year's GDC Europe, he explained that the best way to lead a company is to establish a strong sense of studio culture. Creating that culture takes time, patience, and a lot of effort, but Riegler has found when developers work under a set of unified, guiding principles, they tend to work better as a group, and are happier doing so. "Why do we need a good company culture?... Every studio has some kind of culture, whether its a good one or bad one, and that culture will largely decide the success of a studio or a team," he said. Throughout his GDC Europe presentation, Riegler discussed his own management style, and offered a number of tips to help studios establish a healthier and more productive development environment. You can check out his advice for yourself by watching the full video of his talk, courtesy of the GDC Vault. Simply click the Play button above to start the video.

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