Video: Inside the AI design of Dishonored 2

At the GDC 2017 AI Summit, Arkane's Laurent Couvidou and Xavier Sadoulet explain how the AI of Dishonored 2 was designed to pit players against challenging, crafty, and yet outwittable foes.

Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Prey) has earned a reputation for designing games with sprawling, complex levels that run like clockwork (sometimes literally), affording crafty players a plethora of avenues to get through them.

As part of the GDC 2017 AI Summit, Arkane's Laurent Couvidou and Xavier Sadoulet stepped up to explain how the AI of Dishonored 2 was designed to complement that complexity by giving players challenging, yet outwittable foes.

The pair discussed a variety of systems in fascinating detail, including how Dishonored 2 allows multiple NPCs to coordinate, the implementation of spatial reasoning for stealth and search, and a data-driven rule system for dialog and animations.

It was a fascinating presentation, and now it's completely free to watch on the official GDC YouTube channel! Whether you're catching it for the first time or just want a quick refresher, it's well worth a watch.

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