Video: Anna Kipnis' GDC 2013 talk on MolyJam

Double Fine's Anna Kipnis discusses how a fake Twitter account inspired the Molyjam game jam that had more than 1,000 participants. This GDC 2013 lecture covers how the jam was invented, organized, and became viral so quickly.
At GDC 2013, Double Fine's Anna Kipnis discusses how fake Twitter account @PeterMolydeux inspired the Molyjam game jam, which had more than 1,000 participants including the real Peter Molyneux. This free lecture, courtesy of the GDC Vault, is about how the jam was invented, organized, and became viral so quickly. The @PeterMolydeux account was created as a parody for Peter Molyneux's "fantastically ambitious game ideas." In two weeks, Kipnis' local game jam based on the account's tweets quickly caught the attention of international press and developers. Session Name: Molyjam: How Twitter Jokes Can Save Video Games Speaker(s): Anna Kipnis Company Name(s): Programmer, Double Fine Productions Track / Format: Independent Games Summit Overview: Fake Twitter account, @PeterMolydeux, has been lovingly parodying Peter Molyneux's fantastically ambitious game ideas. In two weeks, our modest plan for a local game jam based on these tweets exploded into an international event, with over a thousand people participating in more than thirty cities worldwide. This story is about how Molyjam was invented, organized, and became viral in such a short time. It's about why jams like Molyjam are important to stave off creative stagnation in our industry, and (best of all) the kind of bizarre, preposterous games that resulted from this exercise.

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