This Week In Console Digital Download: From SkyDrift To BloodRayne

Each week, Gamasutra rounds up the titles released for the major console and portable digital delivery services, including games such as BloodRayne, Crimson Alliance, and SkyDrift.
[Every week, Gamasutra rounds up the titles released for the major console and portable digital delivery services, as compiled by console digital editor Ryan Langley, including the latest XBLA and PSN games.] This was an absolutely mammoth week for digital games: Xbox Live Arcade got four new titles, including Crimson Alliance and LeedMees, the PlayStation Network got big titles like SkyDrift and BloodRayne, and the Xbox Live Indie Summer Uprising has reached its end. Go play games! Xbox Live Arcade xblaskyleed.png This was a huge week for Xbox Live Arcade with four big releases! SkyDrift is now available for 1200MSP, a flying racer with Mario Kart-esque power-ups and a stunning art design. Crimson Alliance is out with a very weird release style -- the full game is "technically" free but is merely the demo. Instead you can either buy all of the classes for 1200MSP, or each one for 800MSP each, if you think you'll only play as the Wizard, Assassin, or Merc. The third Kinect-based downloadable game is also available, and it actually looks really awesome -- LeedMees is a Lemmings-style title where you use your body to help little dudes get to their home. Grab it for 800MSP! Last, but not least, BloodRayne: Betrayal from Wayforward (and Majesco, I guess), a side-scrolling slashing adventure, is available for 1200MSP. Outside of the main releases, we also have a bunch of new pieces of DLC -- the Space Capsule DLC for Fruit Ninja Kinect for 160MSP, the Time Attack Pack for Worms 2: Armageddon for 320MSP, 20 new puzzles for Crazy Machines Elements for 240MSP, and the Character Color Pack 1 for Street Fighter III for 240MSP. Xbox Live Indie Summer Uprising xbligsummeruprising.pngThe Indie Summer Uprising promotion is now at an end. Two more titles were released this past week, slightly delayed from their original release dates. Take Arms is a side-scrolling multiplayer shooter that allows you to play as three unique classes -- the quick and light Striker, the slow and heavy Destroyer, or the middle-ground Grunt -- as you dominate three diverse locales and three game modes (DM, TDM, & CTF). Check out the demo, or grab it for 240MSP. The final Xbox Live Indie Game under the Summer Uprising label was Redd: The Lost Temple. It's a top-down adventure where you'll have to Indiana-Jones your way through hundreds of obstacles and creatures out to get you. It's certainly a great looking game, something that the mid-90s would have loved to bits. Check out the trailer or download the game for just 240MSP. PlayStation Store (North America) blooddrift.pngA quality week for PlayStation users -- Wayforward's reimagining of the vampiress BloodRayne with Betrayal is now availble for $14.99. Alongside it is Skydrift, also for $14.99, a fantastic looking flying racer with Mario Kart antics melded in. Both have demos too! A retail game has also been added -- Rugby 2011 for $49.99. We also have a new PSOne Import Classic -- Mega Man 4, which you can grab for $5.99. Lastly, a whopping 5 new Minis titles -- Alpha Mission ($2.99), Doodle Fit ($1.99), The Impossible Game ($2.99), T.N.K. III ($2.99), and Vanguard II ($2.99) PlayStation Plus users also get the following: Plants vs. Zombies, Astro Tripper, Altered Beast, Bashi Blocks (Minis) and Jet Moto (PSOne) all for free! PlayStation Store (Europe) bloodraider.pngThis week's new titles for PlayStation Network in Europe include BloodRayne Betrayal, a sidescrolling revival of the classic Majesco franchise for £9.99/€12.99; Red Johnson's Chronicles, an action adventure/puzzle game £7.99/€9.99; and SkyDrift, a fast-paced air racing game for £11.99/€14.99. We also have a whopping 8 new Minis titles out this week -- The Impossible Game (£1.74/€1.99) being by itself as an independent title, while the rest are old SNK classics -- Athena, Guerilla War, Hal 21, Marvin's Maze, Ozma Wars, Sasuke vs Commander and Vanguard, all £1.99/€2.49 each. We also have a new PSOne classic this week, and I'm surprised it wasn't already on here -- Tomb Raider II is now available for £4.79/€5.99. Those with PlayStation Plus also get the following titles for free: Plants vs Zombies, Altered Beast, Jellypop (minis), Kaleidoscope (minis), Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PSOne) and Street Fighter Alpha 2 (POone). Good deal! Nintendo Download (North America) golfgb.pngThis week on the 3DS Virtual Console store -- Golf. Yup, just Golf, one of the first Game Boy titles, now available again for $2.99. Alongside it are two new DSiWare titles -- Puzzle Rocks for 500 Points, and DotMan for 200 Points. Lastly, one new WiiWare game -- Paint Splash, a painting tool for 500 Points. Nintendo Download (Europe) 3dpixel.pngAn incredibly lightweight week for European Nintendo fans, only one new WiiWare title and one DSiWare title, and both were released in America some time ago. The WiiWare game this week is 3D Pixel Racing, a racing game with a unique visual representation, available for 500 Points. The DSiWare title is Anonymous Notes Chapter 1, a sliver of an action RPG for just 200 Points.

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