Tell Facebook you want synchronous gameplay - you might get it

"We'd love to help enable synchronous gameplay," says Matt Wyndowe, Facebook's product manager for apps and games. So what's stopping him?
"We'd love to help enable synchronous gameplay."
- Matt Wyndowe, Facebook's product manager for apps and games. In his job at Facebook, part of Matt Wyndowe's job is figuring out what changes need to be made to the platform to best service developers. He's well aware that many developers want to implement synchronous multiplayer on the platform, and that it's not as easy as it could be. But something you do could change that. "Remember I mentioned that to-do list of things that we would love to help enable? That's absolutely one of them," Wyndowe said, speaking in a larger Gamasutra interview. "Obviously, developers can do a lot on their end, but there's a lot of features that we'd love to put in their API to help enable that kind of stuff. That's something that's just such a clear win for users and developers; it's absolutely something that we'd love to do." So how can you light a fire under Wyndowe and get it on the Facebook to-do list? "Those are exactly the kinds of things that, when we hear a critical mass of developers talking about it, we push up the priority list," he says. Let Facebook know, and it might just happen.

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