Some Theories and tips for those who want them!

To those budding game designers, some theory, and some discussion! Just a friendly Game Designer offering his insights into Game Design and how we can immerse our players into them!

So I noted a lot of bloggers here offer there incite into games, music, design and whatever else that wets the tongues of us Gamers, and Game Designers.

I'd like to be just as helpful to you folks out there!

I post new theories each day and ways to utilize different tools for story immersion, and with a little time, offer you folks out there some pre made documents and tools to implement into your Game Design, from Desgin Docs, to NDAs, anything that helps out!

I'm more of the indepth story designer, having come across ideas that I've shared with others, even having some decent success doing so. Other times I like to be able to take what we already know and flesh it out more, give more life to where its needed and take away the unecessary.

Like a photoshop artist, I pick out sterotypes like they are a bright lens flare and do a little work to make them not so blinding, but to camoflouge them from the players so they are not as easily notice.

Give a look, share your mind, I'm always thinking up new things for people to read and ideas that would prove helpful in some way!

 Anywho game on folks I do hope you all find my thoughts useful and perhaps even drop in and start up a discussion with me!

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