Sharpen your storytelling skills for games in this GDC Masterclass

In this Masterclass, veteran writer Susan O'Connor will teach you reliable techniques for game storytelling that will support you no matter what kind of game you're working on.

Writers and game designers! Veteran game writer Susan O'Connor has a GDC Masterclass for you.

It's no secret that telling great stories in games is a titantic task, one that requires cooperation from every part of the team. Why not streamline that task with great practical lessons from an industry veteran?

This December, GDC Narrative Summit co-founder Susan O'Connor (who has a whopping 25 games under her belt) will teach you reliable techniques for game storytelling that will support you no matter what kind of game you're working on.

Even better, she'll help you create a vocabulary of terms that will help writers and and designers on your team connect and collaborate to achieve a common goal: a great story that can support and be supported by your core game design.

Here are some other key takeaways from O'Connor's class:

  • Learn which questions you should be asking about a game's story from a writer whose writing credits include franchises such as BioShock, Far Cry, Tomb Raider, and more.
  • Discover ways to build a story around gameplay.
  • Learn how to better understand the player's mind so you can deliver the best story possible.
  • Find out what writers need to know about game design and what designers need to know about story.
  • Discover techniques for how writers and designers can consistently find common ground and work together to make better games.

As your instructor O'Connor also brings the knowledge and insight she's picked up as an educator at UT Austin. You won't just get industry experience, you'll be guided by an expert who knows how to turn practical lessons into teachable moments.

Register for this day-long seminar before all the seats are taken!

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