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School GameDev Club Constitution

Founding a school club means writing a constitution defining what the club is. I wrote a description for the GameDev club I'm starting so I have something to show people who will help me get this thing off the ground.


     I wrote a description for the GameDev club I'm starting so I have something to show people who will help me get this thing off the ground. Nothing too fancy, just a description of what this club is going for. If I need a more detailed official document I have the template for a student organization's constitution so I can easily write up the rest. 



(text version)

Constitution of the

PCT GameDevs Committee

I. Organization Name

The organization's name will be the “PCT GameDevs”.  GameDev is a single camel case word. The committee may sometimes be referred to as the GameDev Club of the Gamer’s Guild.

II. Purpose

The GameDev Club is for the community of game developers on campus who want to improve their game development skills. The school treats game development as an insignificant portion of IT and the craft deserves much more attention than that. Many students don’t know where to begin when it comes to starting and finishing a project outside of class and this club provides peer guidance.

Students will share their techniques and discoveries, answer frequently asked questions in person, and receive feedback on their game projects.

PCT GameDevs exists to unite student game developers and provide a means to develop game making talent. Students bring their skills, lessons, and advice to share with others.

  • Come to the meetings for Project Updates/Presentations from your peers!
  • Meet with like-minded students to Form a Development Team.
  • Participate in Q&A style Dev Support sessions where you can have your questions answered by other members with experience.
  • Bounce ideas around to help Get a Project Started.
  • Watch helpful Tutorials demonstrating things needed to take a game from concept to completion!

III. Membership

Membership is limited to any student currently enrolled at Penn College or Penn College faculty, staff and alumni. Anyone who hears about this club and is interested in how games are made is welcome to attend.

Hazing will not be used as a condition of membership. Not everyone will be an expert and sometimes simple questions will need to be answered for those unfamiliar with certain practices.



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