How could the Lens of the System of Experience inform the common design task of Presentation?

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In the previous post, the concept of Communication was defined as a complex transfer of Understanding.  In this post, Presentation is defined as a particular form of Communication that relies on the communicator's Understanding of the audience.  Everyone should feel encouraged to join the discussion and comment on or debate the assertions presented. All relevant comments are welcome and appreciated.


Presentation is the form of Communication that relies on choices of the sequence, timing, composition, mode and style of signals transferred as a strategy to affect resulting Cognitive Model Reliability.  In using Presentation, the communicator is acknowledging the relatively complex process of Communication and uses their Understanding of the audience to assume those preconceptions, those previously established relevant Cognitive Model subsets; which are intended to serve as ready subjects of interconnectivity within the audience’s system of Experience.  If the communicator’s Understanding of the audience Experience is sufficient, these assumed preconceptions should affect Reliability for the transferred Cognitive Models subsets, for the subsequent Perceptions interpreted, for the Memory elements to be stored, and for novel Prediction to be formed from that structure.  Note that because Presentation is concerned with the way in which concepts are communicated, it can be used in accordance with or in violation of the law of Efficiency; which effects Reliability, and can in turn direct Attention, establish or subvert Understanding, alleviate or induce Stress, guide Motivation and deliver or deny Satisfaction.

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