NYU and EVO team up for competitive game design scholarship

A new scholarship for NYU Game Center seeks to support game design students active in the fighting game community.
The growing world of eSports has brought with it a number of dividends. Now EVO, sponsors behind some of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world, and the Tisch School of the Arts, home of the NYU Game Center, are coming together to create the EVO Scholarship. The scholarship is intended to benefit applicants who are active in the fighting game community, who at the same time express a keen interest in the realm of competitive game design. The award's amount is variable depending on money earned through EVO's pay-per-view HD livestream, but is expected to be between $20,000 and $30,000. Applicants' financial need will also be taken into consideration. "EVO is interested in using the scholarship to highlight other qualities of the competitive gaming scene, in particular values of community, focus, discipline, and critical thinking," reads the official announcement from NYU. "Through the NYU Game Center scholarship, EVO hopes to validate competitive gaming as an important and valuable domain within games and game design pedagogy -- a goal in keeping with that of the NYU Tisch Game Center." More information about the NYU Game Center can be found here.

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