Notes on Blender

I'm stepping away from Blender temporarily while I try to get as much productivity from Unity3D. I'm on a dealine. But I want to save some ideas when I return to Blender.

I want to work on several objects in Blender using primatives.

 Box with wood texture.

Glass <-- I am going to study this in depth so that I can have premade glass walls!

Expand the box concept so that I can have entire dungeons premade. The way I see this happening is to create sectionals Like rectangles for hallways, squares for rooms, think of PVC piping.

extrude and sculpting.

REMEMBER the Middle Mouse button(MMB) is for rotating the screen, not the object! 

REMEMBER the Flip animation trick!

I want to work with Poser, and Blender to find the best way to implement cloth!

Smoothing, or reduce polycount in Blender!

Even though I want to work exclusivly with UNITY3D to get as much done before July 31st
I'll have to stay familiar with Blender. At least 1 hr a day in blender.


Every Day take a crack at improving that animation.

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