N-1 Ramthor's Labyrinth now on Google Play

N-1 Ramthor's Labyrinth is a new tower defense game with a twist. Never before has there been a tower defense game that challenges the player to make conscious choices!

•  100+ different ways to build a labyrinth!

•  18 unique, mechanical and magical weapons and defenses!
•  Fun, life-like sound effects that you’ll find yourself mimicking!
•  Archetypal graphics that define each character and 6 Jewel Quests! 
•  Introduces the 1st of nine characters from the N-1 The Awakening epic video game currently in development!
•  Introduces the N-1 galaxy!
•  Epic music plus sound healing soundscapes!
•  Challenging depth of play that screams of replayability!
•  A story that will entertain you from beginning to end!

The story is about Ramthor, a mighty and courageous leader and his journey on Planet Radamassia. F.A.C.E. (Full Awareness of Character and Essence) introduces you to the first of nine characters from N-1 The Awakening, the epic saga video game currently in development. Ramthor is the first character to be revealed and is quite the personality! You will learn how Ramthor sees and experiences the world as well as how he interacts with other N-1 characters. Ramthor has to make choices on how to keep his city safe from the rivaling neighbors, the Centaurians, while inducing growth in himself and his people.

Developing the appropriate strategy requires critical and divergent thinking. With over 100 different ways to build the labyrinth and 18 weapons to choose from, the player will take command of towers while faced with a continuous onslaught of enemies. L.E.G.S (Life Evolving Guidance System) will direct the path of play challenging the player to make choices in self-faith while showing compassion to others.

There’s a surprise at every level. F.A.C.E.T. (Furthering Awareness of Character and Essences) takes the player through 6 Jewel Quests. Each level is rich with lush environments and landscapes. Players will discover that each Jewel Quest takes the player on a multi-dimensional journey of personal awareness. As their individual choices determine whether Ramthor will advance through the Jewel Quests, the player realizes that this game has a much bigger role in culture and the future of our universe and beyond.

The player realizes that we are all on a life-long, evolutionary journey and our individual choices can shift the consciousness of the world as we know it. Never has a game so paralleled our journey through life in such an action-packed, entertaining format. And to top it all off, healing sound technology will help the player realize when they have reached the pinnacle of the game.

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