Microsoft is working on a new Xbox career system

Microsoft is working on a new "career" system for Xbox achievements, which will feature levels, prestige ranks, and rewards such as loot crates with cosmetic items for avatars.

Microsoft is working on a new "career" system for Xbox achievements, aiming to extend beyond the current Gamerscore system which rewards a tallied number to players for completing certain objectives in a game.

As reported by Windows Central, the new system is allegedly being implemented to alleviate the problem where Gamerscore doesn't fairly represent the accomplishments of esports players or other gamers who might spend the majority of their time in a single game.

This new career system could affect how developers choose to use achievements in their games, which could serve to attach new meaning to the score. 

The career system comes with quests to complete tasks (like playing specific games) which will come with cosmetic loot crates for avatar customization and experience points as rewards. 

Although not intended to replace Gamerscore, the career system will incorporate achievements by rewarding experience points that will contribute toward levels in a player's career, tracking progress and play time through their existing game library. 

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