Microsoft calls on community to help make Xbox more accessible

The console maker plans to run an 'idea drive' on its new Xbox Ideas site dedicated to ease of access across the Xbox ecosystem. 

Following the launch of its Xbox Adaptive Controller, Microsoft is asking the Xbox community for help making its other hardware and services more accessible. 

The console maker plans to run an 'Idea Drive' on its new Xbox Ideas site dedicated to ease of access across the Xbox ecosystem. 

Xbox Ideas was formerly the company's Xbox Feedback page, but it's been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier for members of the Xbox community to post suggestions and make their voice heard. 

"Our hope is that the user-supported voting and ability to submit your suggestions through Xbox Ideas will allow for greater collaboration between Team Xbox and the community," explained Microsoft. 

"We’re doubling down on the commitment to building a more inclusive Xbox, and it’s our hope that you’re just as excited to participate. We'll be running this Idea Drive through the end of June, and during that time, we’d encourage you to explore Xbox Ideas, submit your suggestions for ease of access, vote, and comment on the ideas you find most worthwhile."

You can find out more about Xbox Ideas and the upcoming Idea Drive over on the Xbox Wire blog.

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