Makinavaja, a Comic-book based game, on the last steps.

Whilst I've nearly finished "Makinavaja", my latest game, I will proceed to describe some of the techniques used and how I plan to promote it.
 During the last year I've been working on a game called "Makinavaja", based on a spanish comic-book, originally written by Ivá., and published by "El Jueves" magazine.
 The reasons I choose this theme were:
  1.- To my knowledge, there is no game based on this character, so I thought it would be an original idea.
  2.- It could draw a bigger audience if I manage to get the comic-book fans interested.
  3.- The "Makinavaja" character is a philosophical down-to-earth "choriso" (=thief), which will provide me with a rich content to draw ideas for the game.  
  4.- Main reason. I love the books.
 I would like to use this blog for 2 purposes at the moment.
 The first one would be to talk about the software and the techniques used to create the game. I hope other amateur game-designers like me find them useful, and I also hope I get  advice of more experienced people to help me and motivate me to create further games.
 The second purpose would be to report in what happens with the game once is "released in the wild". I plan to use different promotional ways, and I would like to feedback to others how this did work.
 I decided to write this blog also to motivate me to complete the game and going ahead with the promotion. I find it's a common theme in Indie games articles where the promotion/marketing side of it it's what makes a game make or break. In other words, no mater how good your game can be, unless you get people interested in playing it, no one will.

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