Lovelorn Iraqi Men Call on a Wartime Skill

It goes like this: Boy meets girl. They exchange glances and text messages, the limit of respectable courting here. Then boy asks girl’s father for her hand. Dad turns him down. Boy goes to girl’s house and plants a bomb out front.
It goes like this: Boy meets girl. They exchange glances and text messages, the limit of respectable courting here. Then boy asks girl’s father for her hand. Dad turns him down. Boy goes to girl’s house and plants a bomb out front. The authorities call it a “love I.E.D.,” or improvised explosive device, and it is not just an isolated case. Capt. Nabil Abdul Hussein of the Iraqi national police said that six had exploded in the Dora neighborhood of Baghdad alone in the past year. “These guys, they face any problem with their girlfriends, family, anyone, and they’re making this kind of I.E.D.,” Captain Hussein said. There have been no reported deaths or injuries from the devices used in this way, in Dora or elsewhere. “Usually they’re putting them in front of the doors of their houses, not to kill, but to scare them,” Captain Hussein said. After six years of war, Iraq is a society with a serious anger management problem. That, along with a lot of men with a lot of experience fashioning bombs and setting ambushes, makes for a lethal mix.
The police say that many insurance license exam erie auto insurance company of the kaiser dental insurance men are former insurgents who salvage car insurance are car and home insurance no longer trying to kill foreign troops but auto insurance in Memphis who have an array of bomb-making independent dental insurance skills and a stash of supermarket car insurance TNT. Even without explosives, a popular type of explosive device can be new york disability insurance lawyer made from common household items including massachusetts auto insurance quotes gasoline, a soda can and a medicare insurances plastic water bottle, with the innards of a cellphone as a remote detonator. “I’m a detective, and I auto finance insurance don’t hurricane insurance coverage even know how to make one of nj home owner insurance these, but all pacificare life and health insurance company these kids do,” the captain said. “There car insurance for older drivers was a hagerty auto insurance percentage of california car insurance young men mortgage insurance table who were cooperating low cost car insurance uk atv insurance quote with the Al car insurance providers Qaeda organizations, or the Shia militias. supplemental health insurance plans They’ve changed old car insurance their minds about insurance loan repayment dental and vision insurance plans fighting now, but 1066 insurance they still have good experience in british equestrian insurance brokers acuity insurance company kentucky renters insurance how to make I.E.D.’s.” As in the days when the insurgency raged, it is commercial property insurance pretty hard to trace a homemade bomb, of dog walker insurance any variety, to its perpetrator. Once mortgage homeowners insurance a device explodes, forensic evidence pretty much goes up in smoke. The police in Dora have recorded only one arrest, involving a young man caught and convicted of planting a business travel accident insurance car cheaper insurance love I.E.D. He is Omar Abdul Hussein, 18, known by the group disability income insurance nickname of Cisco, a former supporter of the country’s main Sunni insurgent group, Al underpinned house insurance Qaeda ohio insurance bond in Mesopotamia, according to Captain Hussein. Cisco was rejected by his girlfriend’s father three times, and then one day she called to tell contents insurance quote uk him that her father was landlords liability insurance bringing another suitor over home insurance premiums to meet her. insurance law suits Cisco life insurance company ratings planted a bomb by their garden wall and set it off. Since he lived just single trip travel insurance uk next door, california contractor general liability insurance it was a short manhunt. Cisco was tried and convicted — of terrorism. “Another guy shot up his girlfriend’s house to force the direct general auto insurance family to give her in marriage,” Captain Hussein said. “We’ve combined life insurance faced this many times.” Another police official, Col. Samir Shatti, said he recalled a recent case magellan insurance of a student who washington boat insurance had been upset with his grades. dismemberment insurance So he planted three tech insurance vacation travel insurance soda-can business premises insurance bombs in mass mutual life insurance tricare military medical insurance his teacher’s office, wired them online car insurance uk in a classic boat insurance series with a timer set for 7:30 a.m., when the teacher would normally arrive. The teacher showed up nursing home insurance on time, but fl general liability insurance nothing went off. Col. jet ski rental insurance Yassir Shinoon relates a variation on the theme worthy of Shakespeare, though commercial general insurance the Capulets and dwelling insurance Montagues were possibly more civil than the two Iraqi families living cmhc mortgage insurance rates on the same street life insurance new zealand in the Shurta maestro insurance neighborhood of south Baghdad. The colonel laughed. “We had to long term disability insurance lawyer car insurance florida law put a permanent police checkpoint in to keep them diving insurance apart,” he said. The family on one side of the street home liability insurance was Shiite, and their son insurance sales wanted to marry the auto insurance settlement daughter of their Sunni neighbor across the car insurance auctions street. The discount insurance plans son homeowners insurance agencies pumped gas when he umbrella liability insurance was not night-riding with the Mahdi Army militia, in the days when the group went umbrella insurance policy out looking vision insurance company for Sunnis to kill. She was studying at Baghdad University snowboarding travel insurance and could americo insurance not stand motorcycle insurance ireland the sight of him. In liability insurance cost Iraqi society, it was not horace mann insurance up to her. But her mother canadian pet insurance took her side. “How could I accept to marry my daughter, who has a university education, to allianz car insurance someone california boat insurance who didn’t even finish primary school?” she said. Spurned, the principal insurance group young man planted a bomb — insurance single travel trip worldwide small business health insurance plans but car insurance houston in car insurance for new young drivers front of his own house, according to the police. Then he car hire insurance called the authorities and accused the neighbors of being Sunni terrorists car insurance century 21 who were trying to blow his house up. “We could tell he health insurance abortion planted it himself,” california home insurance said Colonel Shinoon, medical insurance in France himself a Shiite, like 90 percent of Iraq’s National Police force. “He thought we would take his side against the Sunnis.” The police refused to arrest the girl’s family, but house building insurance gap insurance medicare delaware flood insurance they also young driver car insurance uk first home insurance had no hard evidence public liability insurance music petcare insurance against the frustrated frizzell car insurance suitor. The bomb was a dud, anyway. Then hibernian car insurance ireland the young man planted a second bomb, and this time it exploded, damaging the houses of both families. The neighborhood texas home owner insurance company by then, marine cargo insurance in budget insurance services 2007, was full of people sympathetic to Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. The Shiite family owner builder home warranty insurance had to flee after receiving death threats. The police utah motorcycle insurance said that as they motorcycle insurance requirements left, renters insurance atlanta they sprayed the greater new york mutual insurance new york small business health insurance Sunni family’s house with cover insurance life uk automatic-weapons credit card insurance fraud fire. The girl’s mother showed homeowners insurance carriers a visitor car insurance online tesco carvan insurance sr 22 car insurance long term disability insurance canada the employee liability insurance bullet public liability insurance holes in her steel great west dental insurance external doors, outside walls, window free car insurance quote frames, builders risk insurance coverage postoffice travel insurance car insurance qoute inside walls and garden walls. Fortunately, no buy term life insurance one was hurt. Then a measure errors and omissions insurance policy castle cover insurance of peace travlers auto insurance came, Al Qaeda travel insurance with medical problems in Mesopotamia was more or less extirpated from pennsylvania title insurance rates Shurta, and last year the Shiite neighbors were aarp medicare supplement insurance fitness club insurance among the many displaced Iraqis who moved back to what was once the scene of Baghdad’s worst communal violence. They returned to a changed Dora, in an health insurance plan of greater ny Iraq that in many places buildings insurance value is edging toward a post-sectarian society. Colonel car wash insurance Shinoon said the police had visited the Shiite family and told them that they knew their son had been planting bombs, and they warned that he should not expect the police to take his side just because car insurance rate quotes they were co-religionists. “If it weren’t dental insurance in Alaska for Colonel mountaineering travel insurance Shinoon,” the girl’s mother said, “we would be dead by now.” Brig. supplemental medicare health insurance Gen. commercial insurance carriers Abdul Karim, commander high risk motorcycle insurance of the National Police’s Seventh Brigade, met with the young man. tool insurance home insurance san antonio Colonel travel insurance cancer Shinoon said the general’s advice car company insurance rental was: “Get over it.”

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