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How To Make A Game - by someone who's new at this

James Fuller (CEO and Lead Designer of Storm Harted Academy) goes over the basics of how to make a game.

I'm not going to lie

I'm kind of new at being a gamedev and I know it's a bit early for me to share some tips but I thought that maybe it was time for people to read about how to make a game by someone who is kinda new at this. Take the info below with a grain of salt because it in no way means that you must do what I think is what makes a game and keep in mind that I am kinda new at this and I'll be flashing back to this post when me and Storm Harted Academy get better at making games.



What makes a great game?

 A game needs to have all the bases covered in order for a game to be called a game.


- A game must have music and sound effects

If a game doesn't have music and sound effects then the player will not feel immersed and they could leave the game straight from the title screen.

- A game must feel enjoyable

This is a hard basic to cover. A game must be enjoyable to the player and/or the target audience in order for the player to continue playing the game.

- A game must be winnable in some way

If a player can't win then they'll always lose. You want the player to feel like what they did in the game was good and that they get rewarded for actually beating that tough dungeon or boss that they spent hours working to beat. A player doesn't want all that effort to go to waste!

- There needs to be an interesting feature

This is tough. A special feature will make your game feel unique and the player might want to play your game more often if it's not a clone of another game.

The basics above are very important because without these then a game isn't a game. A game can be a game even if it doesn't have an obvious story but it's worth meantioning that the top ten best selling games all have a enticing storyline that players love.

That's all I know right now

I'll post another how to make a game post when Storm Harted Academy gets even better!


Thanks for reading this post!

James Fuller is the CEO and Lead Designer of Storm Harted Academy.

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