How is Telltale reinventing the Batman mythos with its new game series?

We took a look at Telltale's latest entry in its ongoing Batman series to see how it's reinventing the myth of the Dark Knight.

Licensed games can be a tricky beast sometimes. You have to either adhere closely to the licensor’s standard and effectively make a spin-off game, or get a chance to go wild with creative freedom—at the risk of alienating potential players. 

So how do you walk that line? Telltale Games certainly has developed a formula for doing just that, and their latest entry Batman: A Telltale Series, takes possibly some of the biggest leaps with the Batman mythos that have been on display in years. 

Since Telltale launch Episode 3 just yesterday, we decided to take the game for a spin and see what it does well in adapting the story of Batman. As our own contributing editor Alissa McAloon points out, the game does a strong job of subverting expectations about Bruce Wayne’s family, and borrows some tricks from theatrical set design to guide players through a high-stakes adventure and help reintroduce them to familiar characters. 

Be sure to watch the full show for some analysis on what Telltale does right, as well as some thoughts on the recent financial news regarding the Nintendo Switch. And be sure to subscribe to our Twitch channel for developer interviews and regular gameplay commentary. 

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