Household Games hires speedrunner as accessibility advocate

The new studio from former Guacamelee developer Jason Canam has hired an advocate to make its games more accessible for disabled players.

Household Games, the new studio from ex-Guacamelee dev Jason Canam, has made an interesting hire to work on its next game. 

On Twitter yesterday, speedrunner Clint “Halfcoordinated” Lexa announced he would be joining Household Games as a consultant to work as an accessibility advocate, building on his experience in the speedrunning community to help the new developer tune their gameplay for disabled players. 

It’s a forward-thinking move for the recently-formed Household Games, since it allows them the early opportunity to build features in their game to assist ordinary disabled players and speedrunners alike. 

As a speedrunner, Lexa has been known for successfully speedrunning multiple games while possessing a disability that limits him to the use of his left hand, and consulting with various developers to help make their games more accessible. 

He previously told Polygon that the most common feature he’d want to see that could help players like him would be the ability to fully customize a game’s controls, as opposed to creating individual control schemes for every different kind of disability. “They have a lot of varying situations, and you just cannot predict what would be best for each player,” he said to Polygon.

For developers interested in this kind of consulting, Lexa did also tweet he’d be available for side gigs to help companies tune their game design. 

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