Here's a few of the games you'll see at the GDC 2019 Experimental Gameplay Workshop!

If you've never seen the EGW before, know that it's a 2+ hour-long session jam-packed with a vivacious mix of eclectic game prototypes that explore new ideas and genres -- and it's back for GDC 2019!

We're already just a month away from the 2019 Game Developers Conference, and before we get there organizers want to make sure you know that the ever-popular Experimental Gameplay Workshop returns this year with an all-new lineup of innovative work!

If you've never seen the EGW before, know that it's a jam-packed session (that kicks off at 1:30 PM on the final day of GDC week, Friday, March 23rd) which showcases a vivacious mix of eclectic game prototypes that explore new ideas and genres.

Dynamic duo Robin Hunicke (Luna, Wattam, Journey) and Daniel Benmergui (Storyteller, Fidel) have once again worked to curate the projects showcased at this year's EGW, and it promises to be an exciting opportunity for presenters and attendees alike to explore some fresh territory in game design.

This is a great opportunity to get a sneak peek at some of the creators and games that may soon upend the industry. In years past, a number of the 'experimental' titles debuted at EGW have gone on to become some of the most well-respected games in the industry, including PortalSpaceTeam, Katamari Damacy, World of Goo, Soundodger and Braid!

This year the EGW aims to once again stoke the flames of creativity with a smorgasbord of games from some of the industry's most thoughtful and creative developers.

EGW organizers have already revealed a sample of what will be in store for you at this year's session:

  • What if we play a tile-placement adventure game to discover secrets? Sunhead Games will go into detail with Carto.
  • What if we have to solve language puzzles? Gerben Grave will show Eloquence.
  • What if we play a game where you have ROM hacking mechanics? Frank DeMarco will explore the question with Picture Processing.
  • What if you have to reconstruct events of a crime by combining testimonies into a single timeline? Kitfox Games will expose Lucifer within Us.
  • What if you are given tools to generate magnetic fields anywhere and manipulate the magnetic properties of objects to survive? Antti Sandberg and Juuso Toikka will be showing Plusminus.

Since information about many of these projects is limited, the best way to see them and learn what they're about is to come out the Experimental Gameplay Workshop in person. Don't miss it! 

You can find full details on this year's EGW and all of the other announced talks in the online GDC 2019 Session Scheduler, where you can also start planning out your conference week!

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For more details on GDC 2019 visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via FacebookTwitter, or RSS.

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