Go behind the scenes of Jedi: Fallen Order's design at GDC 2020

At GDC in March you'll have a rare opportunity to hear how Respawn navigated the pitfalls of making a great Star Wars game -- along with all the practical lessons they learned along the way!

Great licensed games are tricky business, but the folks at Respawn Entertainment knocked it out of the park last year with their first Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order

The story of how they designed and built whole new chapters of the Star Wars universe is remarkable, and at GDC in March you'll have a rare opportunity to hear all about it -- along with all the practical lessons they learned along the way!

In a GDC 2020 Design track talk on "Becoming a Jedi: Gameplay in 'Jedi: Fallen Order'" Respawn's Justin Perez will give you an inside look at specific gameplay design decisions made during the development of Jedi: Fallen Order, including changes and cuts made along the way.

This talk is largely focused on the gameplay mechanics of the game’s main character, and Perez plans to hone in on practical questions like: How do you make a lightsaber feel like a lightsaber? How can you give players control over something as powerful as The Force? How do you even get Lucasfilm to approve your new Jedi ideas?

It promises to be a fascinating talk, with useful takeaways for anyone trying to translate specific ideas, moods, and themes into gameplay mechanics. Don't skip it!

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