Get a job: Wevr is hiring a Senior Designer/Scripter

Wevr is hiring a Senior Designer/Scripter for an unannounced high profile project involving the creation of a location-based entertainment attraction based on a best-selling entertainment IP.

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Senior Designer/Scripter, Wevr

Location: Venice, California

Venice, California-based Wevr is now hiring UE4 artists, engineers, and animators for an unannounced high profile VR project, based on one of the biggest entertainment IPs of all time! If you have gaming/interactive media experience and are looking to join an ace team that is working on an ambitious, high-visibility and potentially career-defining project, we’d like to hear from you.

What we’re looking for

  • Strong Unreal Engine (UE4) blueprint scripting required
  • Paper design skills and ability to clearly communicate ideas required
  • C++ experience a huge plus
  • Fast iteration and rapid prototyping ++
  • VR experience ++
  • Ability to work independently without a lot of hand-holding
  • Ability to take ownership of your work from start to completion
  • Remote development ok
  • Contract position with potential to be a permanent hire 

Interested? Apply now.

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