Get a job: Skydance Interactive is looking for a Narrative Designer

Skydance Interactive is looking for a Narrative Designer to work on cutting-edge story-driven VR games and design and create innovative player experiences in Marina Del Rey, California.

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Narrative DesignerSkydance Interactive

Location: Marina Del Rey, California

Skydance Interactive is looking for a Narrative Designer to work on cutting-edge story-driven VR games, beginning with The Walking Dead VR. We believe small, focused, close-knit teams can move mountains. The Narrative Designer partners with level designers, systems designers, and writers to help plan, design and create innovative player experiences.

We’re seeking a seasoned Narrative Designer with hands-on experience in creating story-driven games that support strong player agency.  You’ll be the bridge between writers and designers, merging plot, dialogue, flow and gameplay into a cohesive, compelling game. You’ll also work with artists and audio engineers to create 2D walkthroughs with storyboards and 3D mock-ups to better convey your ideas. You’re passionate about taking interactive narrative experiences into new frontiers, whether that’s more immersive character interactions, innovative branching dialogue designs, or virtual reality.


  • Collaborate with the Creative Director, lead designer and lead writer to create a seamless narrative whole from gameplay and story

  • Assist in the creation and development of story in collaboration with the lead writer and the writing team

  • Assist in the creation and development of gameplay in collaboration with systems designers, level designers, and artists


  • Knowledge and experience in interactive storytelling, using both traditional and experimental systems and platforms, including dialogue implementation and environmental storytelling

  • Excellent communication skills, including both problem resolution and pitching ideas

  • Demonstrable skill with design tools and implementation, including implementing and combining character animations, audio files, visual effects and props to create engaging narrative

  • Ability to work and contribute effectively and collaboratively in a team environment

  • Solid problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Passion for playing and designing great narrative games, and knowledgeable about the leading games on the market

  • Thorough knowledge of game design and development process as well as the narrative development process

  • At least 5 years of experience as a Narrative Designer or Writer on a game development team


  • Experience with both PC and console game development

  • Experience with UE4 and Blueprint

  • Experience in virtual reality, preferably Rift, Vive or PSVR

Link to portfolio or demo reel required

Interested? Apply now.

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