Get a job: Robot Gentleman is hiring a Writer

Robot Gentleman, the independent games developer known for the atomic dark comedy adventures 60 Seconds! and 60 Parsecs!, is looking for a writer.

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Writer, Robot Gentleman Sp. z o.o.

Robot Gentleman, the independent games developer known for the atomic dark comedy adventures 60 Seconds! and 60 Parsecs!, is pursuing new, exciting, story-intensive projects. And we need you - a talented, EXPERIENCED WRITER to join our studio REMOTELY OR ON-SITE in Poznań, Poland.

You are:

• A storyteller, inspired to share your stories through games

• A professional and proven video game writer with a passion for narrative-driven indie games

• An open-minded, creative person

• A dedicated gamer who enjoys innovative storytelling and narrative driven gameplay

You have:

• Shipped at least one game (as the lead writer) or multiple titles (as a member of the writing team)

• At least 3 years of game industry experience, working on commercial projects

• Experience collaborating with a multidisciplinary team on game development projects

• A drive to learn, improve and adapt to new, creative challenges

Your skills and talents include:

• Mastery of the written word in English

• Imagination, and lots of it

• Deep understanding of narrative design and storytelling

• Strong communication and collaboration skills, ability to generate, receive and effectively act on critical feedback

• Excellent self-organization and a sense of responsibility, ability to produce quality work per requirements with minimal supervision

• Knowledge of the games industry and current gaming trends, with a special focus on game narratives

A bonus if you:

• Served a role of a lead or senior writer on at least two PC/console game projects

• Have proven experience with narrative design tools (Twine, Yarn, Ink etc.)

• Have skills and motivation to participate in game design work

• Are a published author

• Have experience writing for TV, film, other areas of entertainment productions

What we are offering:

• Full-time, remote or on-site position. On-site location situated in the centre of downtown Poznań, as part of the creative collective Pyramida Hub. Hybrid approaches possible, depending on your location and availability.

• Relocation assistance available for on-site work

• Contract form negotiable, any contract form comes with 20+ days of paid leave of absence (exact number dependent on the contract form)

• Competitive salary

• Flexible work hours

• Potential for individual advancement and team growth - additional training, access to learning resources, conferences and other events

• And of course - a chance to leave your creative mark on 60 Seconds! and 60 Parsecs!, as well as to join the Robot Gentleman team in creating new worlds, crafting their narratives and sharing their stories in future, ambitious AAA indie projects.

Join us - we’ve got hats!*

If all of the above sounds great and you’re ready to join us on a creative journey - get in touch! Please send your applications, including CV, writing samples to [email protected] with the title [WRITER].

* Indeed, one of the perks of joining us is that you get your own signature Robot Gentleman headgear.

Please include the following clause in your application:

"I hereby consent to the processing of my vital and personal data insofar as this is required under the ongoing and future recruiting processes, in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997, on the Protection of Personal Information (JoL no. 133, item 883).”

Interested? Apply now.

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