Get a job: Respawn seeks a Camera Designer for a Star Wars game

The studio that made Titanfall is looking to hire a camera designer to contribute to a new 3rd-person, "action-adventure" Star Wars game at Respawn's Chatsworth, CA studio.

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Camera DesignerRespawn Entertainment

Location: Chatsworth, CA

Respawn is looking for a Camera Designer to contribute to a new 3rd person, action-adventure Star Wars TM game. The Camera Designer will design and oversee all elements of runtime camera systems.

This is a rare opportunity to contribute to a beloved franchise with a talented and seasoned team.


  • Design and own the camera system in the game. Tune and maintain.
  • Develop strategy to script cameras for levels.
  • Own all elements of the runtime camera system. This includes combat cameras, the game's default cameras, level scripted cameras, and cinematic cameras. Implement initial and polish passes.
  • Work closely with level designers and lead designer to ensure scripted results match vision for game.
  • Work closely with combat designers and lead designer to script combat cameras.
  • Collaborate with the design team and other departments to ensure best quality results.


  • Experience in scripting videogame cameras. This could be level cameras, systems cameras, combat cameras, cinematic cameras, etc. The more varied the experience, the better!
  • Experience in Maya and/or Unreal (or comparable 3D packages)
  • Solid technical skills.
  • Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about cinematography, photography, and scene composition.
  • A good understanding of all game design components. This means level design, combat design, etc.
  • A go-getter! You eagerly and enthusiastically champion our camera system, always striving to improve it in any way possible.
  • A student of videogame camera design! You can speak knowledgeably in regards to camera systems used in games of all types.
  • Gamer.

To consider you for this role we’ll want to see a portfolio with relevant work samples.

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